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Over the past few years, the Faculty of Science has developed close partnerships with european and non european universities through research activities and education programmes.

In Europe, 36 Erasmus+ programmes in 14 countries allow ingoing and outgoing mobilities (United Kingdom, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Germany, Italy). International academic exchanges also take place with universities from non european countries through centralised cooperation agreements, the BCI programme (5 Universities in Quebec) and the ISEP programme which involves 300 universities in 50 countries throughout the world (North and South Americas, Asia and Europe). Each year 60 to 70 of our students enjoy an international experience during their studies (1/3; mostly during the 3rd year of the bachelor's degree) or for an internship (2/3; mostly during the 1st or 2nd year of the master's degree). International student exchange is enhanced by the master's in science dual degree with Ukraine and Lebanon, as well as the english-taught courses in some of our bachelor's and master's degrees. We are pursuing efforts to increase the number of courses for non-French speakers and thereby attracting more international students.

International cooperation in research is active and fruitful. Each year, there is an increase in the number of local grants for international research mobility (MIR):10-15 Mir grants (over 30-35) attributed to faculty members for international research projects.

The Faculty of Science is part of the ISEP and BCI exchange programmes. For further information on these international programmes, go to the university's international partner page.

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