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Doctoral schools

The doctorate is based on an original and advanced research project, which should make a significant contribution to the study field and enable the candidate to become an international expert in his or her scientific field.

The doctorate is a professional research experience, which leads to an internationally recognised degree. It is traditionally a three-year degree and can take up to 6 years at most, during which time the doctoral student carries out research work on a particular subject. The doctoral student carries out his or her research under the responsibility of a Thesis Director (HDR). The programme ends with the defence of the doctoral thesis, which entitles the doctoral student to receive the degree of doctor.

To register for a doctorate at the University of Angers, the prerequisites are as follows:

  • To have a Master's degree or another equivalent degree,
  • To receive the approval from a Thesis Director who is a member of a research unit attached to the Doctoral School,
  • To receive funding.

Doctoral Schools

Doctoral programmes at the University of Angers are structured around 11 inter-regional specialised doctoral schools (Brittany-Pays de la Loire), directed or co-directed by a teacher-researcher from the University of Angers:

Doctoral Department

The Angers Doctoral Department (Pôle Doctoral d'Angers) is responsible for the general administrative coordination of the 11 doctoral schools in Angers. It supervises the education of doctoral students, from their enrolment to the defence of their thesis and the delivery of their doctoral diploma. It coordinates the co-supervision of the thesis, allowing exchanges with foreign universities. In close collaboration with the doctoral schools, it provides cross-disciplinary training (languages, digital technology, management, etc.). It organises events aimed at promoting the Doctoral programme (My Thesis in 180 seconds, etc.) and supports the initiatives of doctoral student associations.


Doctoral Department at UA

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