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University of Angers

Postal Address:
40, rue de Rennes - BP 73532
49035 - ANGERS cedex 01

Tel. +33 (0)2 41 96 23 23

President: Ms. Françoise Grolleau
Director General: Mr. Didier Bouquet

International Contacts

The International Office is a dedicated staff team of 28, ready to help with all international projects.

The International Office works closely with the international coordinators and administrators at each faculty and provides support services to all international audiences (international partners, international students and researchers).

Vice president of International Affairs and Equality : Catherine PASSIRANI
Director of the International Office: Françoise HOCQUET
E-mail : relations.internationales @ (relations.internationales @
Tel. : +33(0)

  • International office for incoming international students and researchers

    International Welcome Office

    Incoming international students and researchers (Belle Beille campus)

    Postal Address:
    Le Bureau des Internationaux
    La Passerelle
    2 rue Lakanal
    49000 Angers

    Exchange students: @
    Non-exchange students: bienvenue @
    Researchers and EurAxess helpdesk: chercheursetrangers @
    Buddy System: buddysystem @

  • International office for outgoing students

    Outgoing students

    Postal Address
    Direction de l'International
    Saint Serge Campus
    40, rue de Rennes - BP 73532
    49035 - ANGERS cedex 01

    Email: relations.internationales @

  • International office for agreements

    Erasmus+ agreements

    Email: (erasmus.partnership @

    Bilateral agreements

    Email: relations.internationales @

    ISEP and BCI programmes

    Email: @

    Special ISEP advisor: Virginie Picquet
    Email: virginie.picquet @

  • European project helpdesk of UA: Cap Europe

    Email : cap-europe @ (cap-europe @

  • French language centre for foreigners (CeLFE)

    Postal Address:
    Le Bureau des Internationaux (CeLFE)
    La Passerelle
    2 rue Lakanal
    49000 Angers

    Email: celfe @

  • Summer schools

    Email: summerschools @

    Learn more about the Summer Schools

  • International coordinators at each faculty

    Faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences

    Academic coordinator
    Ms Emmanuelle ROUSSEAU-GADET emmanuelle.gadet @
    International administration
    Ms Nathalie PRIEUR international.llsh @

    Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies

    Academic coordinators
    Ms Catherine DEFFAINS-CRAPSKY (economy, business) catherine.deffains-crapsky @ 
    Ms Solène RINGLER (law) solene.ringler @
    International administration
    Ms Lélia GOUT ri-deg @
    Ms Virginie BARROCHE ri-deg @

    IAE University School of Management

    Academic coordinators
    Ms. Anne DECOURCELLE anne.decourcelle @
    International Administration
    Ms Pauline SAUVAITRE ri.iae @

    Faculty of Science

    Academic coordinator
    Ms Hélène TRICOIRE-LEIGNEL helene.tricoire-leignel @
    International administration
    Ms Marie-Paule TUDEAU marie-paule.tudeau @

    Faculty of Health

    Academic coordinators
    Ms Audrey ROUSSEAU (Medicine) audrey.rousseau @ 
    Ms Charline MIOT (Medicine) charline.miot @
    Mr Jean-Jacques HELESBEUX (Pharmacy) jean-jacques.helesbeux @
    International administration
    ( @ Mathilde FRADIN (Medicine) @
    Ms Géraldine TROUSSIER (Pharmacy) scolarite.pharma @

    Faculty of Tourism, Culture and Hospitality

    Academic coordinator
    Mr Jérôme PIRIOU (gerold.beyer @ @ (gerold.beyer @
    International administration 
    Ms Françoise INGREMEAU (outgoing students) international.esthua @
    Ms. Dikra BESSIKRI (incoming students: Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Australia) international.esthua @
    Ms Berengère CLEMENT (incoming students: Asia) international.esthua @

    Polytech Angers - Engineering School

    Academic coordinator
    Mr Sébastien LAHAYE international.polytech @
    International administration
    Ms Karine DOLET international.polytech @
    Ms Pauline CRON international.polytech @
    (international.polytech @

    IUT University Institute of Technology

    Academic coordinator
    Ms Karima THOMAS dir-ri-iut @
    International administration
    Ms Pascale INGLES dir-ri-iut @
    Ms. Valérie RIOU dir-ri-iut @

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