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The city of Angers

Angers is regularly mentioned in the press for its quality of life. It has a rich city life with a large pedestrian city centre, containing shops, restaurants, cafés, the midieval castle and historic quarters, art museums, theatres as well as lots of other cultural activities. 

It is a vibrant and young city with nearly 40,000 students and it offers numerous activities contributing to the well-being of students: theatre and dance shows at Le Quai, concerts at Le Chabada, Terra Botanica botanical amusement park, a skating rink, and much more.

Its 150,000 inhabitants make it the 18th largest city in France.  As well as being a dynamic city, Angers is also the greenest city in France (Observatoire UNEP-HORTIS des Villes Vertes) with lots of green spaces, a clear commitment to sustainable development and a dense economic activity.

Angers is also particularly open to the world: it was chosen by China to host a Confucius Institute and it is renowned for its many historical sites. In fact the whole Loire Valley has been listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 2000.

Angers is a human scale city where life is good. You will see, the Angevins are charming and welcoming.

Learn more about our city and discover five good reasons to visit Angers on Destination Angers, the tourist office website.

Our region

The Anjou region surrounding Angers city is known for its gentle climate and way of life, and is home to nearly 1,200 castles, many of which are classed as outstanding sites withing the Loire Valley World Heritage site. It conceals architectural wonders that bear witness to a rich historical and architectural heritage.

The Loire river, which stretches across Anjou from east to west, has sculpted the region and is an essential part of the local heritage. The long Loire river banks (bords de Loire) offer the possibility to discover the region on foot, by bike, canoe or even on horseback.
For centuries, the Loire river has shaped the lives of the people of Anjou and has contributed to the development of one of the region's other treasures: Wine.

Anjou is a true food and wine lovers’ destination, where you can discover some of the Loire Valley’s most highly reputed wines, explore traditional villages nestled deep within the vineyards and meet the region’s devoted wine producers. The nearby town of Saumur is particularly appreciated for its sparkling wines and never ending underground wine cellars that tourists can visit.

Useful websites

City of Angers website

Tourist office website

Angers location

Angers is in the centre of western France, between the cities of Nantes, Tours and Le Mans.

In only takes 90 minutes to get to Angers from Paris by train.