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  • Cap Europe invites teacher-researchers to an information and feedback meeting on the cooperation activities of the Erasmus+ programme.

International Dinner

  • The idea is simple: everyone brings a speciality from their country (or a country they have a link to) to make up a big international buffet. Fajitas, Sushi, Tortilla, Pizza, Curry, Houmous... Discover the local specialities of various countries and share your own!
    Registration required!

Erasmus Days 2021

  • To mark UA's 50th anniversary, the International Office will celebrate the Erasmus Days for the first time and send an international breeze through the campuses. Students can take part in mobility information meetings, mini-workshops and talk with other students who have returned from exchange programmes as well as internationals at UA. Teacher-researchers can also discover how to prepare an Erasmus+ project. Discover the programme here!