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Buddy system

Get help from a local student at the University of Angers by enrolling in the Buddy System UA.

The Buddy Mentor's can help by picking you up at the station at your arrival and accompanying you to your accommodation, by introducing you to the local public transportation available, by helping you with certain administrative tasks, etc.

How to become a buddy ?

  • Register on the platform

    Read the Buddy Agreement and create your profile on the Buddy System Platform as soon as possible. UA will find the Buddy Mentor that best matches your profile, ideally, someone who studies at the same faculty or on the same campus.

    Fill in as much information as possible - it will help us find the perfect Buddy Mentor!

  • First contact with your Buddy Mentor

    Your Buddy Mentor will contact you. Please reply quickly. This contact will allow to ask any questions you might have while planning your arrival (transportation, local customs, anything special to prepare for, etc.). It also gives you the chance to know someone on-site, which can in some cases be reassuring.

    You and you Buddy Mentor can arrange to meet at the train station upon your arrival so that he/she can accompany you to your accommodation.
    PLEASE NOTE that you should arrange and agree on this as early as possible so that your Mentor can free his/her schedule.

  • When you arrive in France

    Your Buddy Mentor will pick you up upon your arrival. If you have agreed on this, the Buddy Mentor will accompany you to you accommodation. They can also show you the local grocery shops in your neighbourhood and the public transport system.

    The Buddy Mentor can help you with certain administrative tasks, such as getting a French phone number, opening a bank account, etc.). If you need help with such tasks once you are in France, you can contact your Buddy Mentor.

    The Buddy Mentor can also show you around:

    • the city, your neighbourhood, the cafés and bars, the museums, shops and events. The Buddy Mentor might also invite you to his/her parties or outings. If you accept these invitations, it is a great way to meet other local students.
    • UA, the campus, the faculty and other student services (The International Student Office, le Infocampus help desk, the student registration office, etc.).

    Don't forget to show initiative and ask the Buddy Mentor to go out (for coffee, to see the tourist sites, etc.). The International Welcome Office will also organise events and trips throughout the semester for you to take part in with or without your Buddy Mentor.

  • Keep in touch during the semester

    You can ask the Buddy Mentor questions throughout the semester or simply stay in touch for social reasons. Who knows? The Buddy Mentor might become a friend for life...

Still have questions?

Contact the Buddy Coordinator:

buddysystem @

Intrenational Welcome Office
La Passerelle
Campus Belle-Beille
2 rue Lakanal
49000 Angers

Read the Buddy Agreement

Download and read the Buddy Agreement to understand what each party commits to!


The International Office organises outing, events and special discovery day-trips for international students and their Buddy Mentors.

Check out the calendar :