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Doctor Honoris Causa

A doctor honoris causa is an honorary doctorate, a distinction conferred by a university or similar institution upon an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in their field of expertise. Unlike a traditional doctorate, which is earned through academic study and research, an honorary doctorate is awarded as an honor, recognizing professional, academic, or societal achievements. This distinction is often bestowed upon prominent figures such as renowned scientists, accomplished artists, influential politicians, or community leaders for their exceptional contributions to society. Receiving an honorary doctorate is considered a significant honor and acknowledgment of a person's significant impact in their field.

Honorands may be nominated by members of the university community. After careful examination by the board of directors, candidate may then be recommended for the honorary title. The title of Doctor Honoris Causa is bestowed by the President of the University after approval by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The honorary degrees are given at an annual Doctor Honoris Causa ceremony held at the University.