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Faculty of Science

At the Faculty of Science, students satiate their hunger for science through academic learning and hands-on training. They develop their fine critical thinking and analytical skills, which are two main international outcomes from the research activities.

Using innovative teaching methods, faculty members develop new tools for students that will ensure a smooth transition between the academic requirements of high school and university with the a common goal: the successful completion of studies and the development of skills to prepare students for the labour market. These efforts have contributed to the university being rewarded for having the highest graduation rate in France and a high employability rate after graduation.

Within the laboratories, faculty members work hand in hand with researchers and professionals to develop local, national or international programmes. Most of these programmes are closely linked to the laboratories' research topics and are recognised by prestigious research institutes (CNRS, INRAE, INSERM).
As science is an international language, all research laboratories welcome foreign students and visiting scholars for different periods of time and activities. Moltech-AnjouLab together with three university partners in Angers and abroad, has created a LumoMat-E graduate school, with the main goal of uniting research and education on functional molecular materials at the international level.

Created in 1966 and located on the Belle-Beille campus in Angers, the Faculty of Science is dedicated to education and research in academic and applied sciences such as Biology (environmental, biomedical and plant sciences), Chemistry, Computer science, Geoscience, Mathematics and Physics. About 3000 students are enrolled in the 40 programs managed by a team of 300 committed colleagues, teachers, researchers, technicians,engineers and administration staff, most of them working in the 12 research labs. So, if you want to experience innovative, modern and high-quality scientific training, join us! If you are interested in working on research projects alongside enthusiastic, top-level researchers, as part of laboratory internships, as a PhD student or as a colleague, join us! Our team will be delighted to welcome you!

Philippe Leriche
Dean of the Faculty of Science


Faculté des sciences - Université d'Angers

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