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Admissions process

You wish to study at the University of Angers within of an exchange programme : Erasmus+, ISEP, BCI or a bilateral agreement signed between your institution and the University of Angers.

You must follow several steps depending on the exchange programme in which you come to study in Angers.

  • Your international contacts at the University of Angers

    During the application process, you will be in contact with :

    • The International Welcome Office : they process the receipt of the nomination, centralize the applications and provide relevant information.

    • International Administration : He is the contact person for the International Welcome Office in the faculties and with the educational coordinator. He can give you the name of the Academic Coordinator. (see the list : "International coordinators at each faculty »)

    • Academic Coordinator : He is responsible for validating your course plan/learning agreement
  • Choose the courses

    All the courses are not accessible to exchange students.
    For your choice of courses, you must contact the Academic Coordinator of your faculty in Angers. You should also include in copy of your messages the international administrative contact of your faculty in Angers.

    The UA courses catalog is available on this page (french version only)

    The english-taught courses catalog is available on this page

    It is possible to choose courses in another faculty than your main host faculty. (ex : you will mainly take courses at the faculty of literature and humanities  but you also wish to take courses in Tourism). You should anticipate those points :

    The distance between the campuses :
    Belle Beille campus and St Serge and health campus are 7 km apart. You will have to plan a sufficient travel time (about 45 minutes) between each campus.

    Timetables overlap :
    The course timetables may overlap between each courses.
    Note that the timetables can be modified all along the semester.

  • Language requirements

    •  A minimum B2 French language level is recommended in order to follow the courses taught in French. Note that this B2 level is necessary minimum level for the courses taught in French in Law, Medicine and Pharmacy field


    • No official French language certificate or diploma is required.
  • Erasmus+ : Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

    • For completing your Online Learning Agreement (OLA), vous should contact your Academic Coordinator who’s in charge to approve your courses in Angers.

    • You should enter on your OLA platform your host faculty international coordinator name and email adress.

    • You should complete the first OLA part (« before the mobility ») before your arrival in Angers.
  • Nomination from your home institution

    1. Nomination : Your home institution send a confirmation of your selection to the International Welcome Office.

    2. Approval : Your host faculty international coordinator appprove your nomination.

    3. Registration : You will complete an online form sent by email during the application period.

    4. Invitation letter : You will an invitation letter.

    If your home institution didn’t nominated you yet, please contact at @ with a home institution international contact (teacher or administrative)

  • Application Period

    Applications are open during the following periods :

    • 15 March - 1 June : for 1st semester or full-year mobilities (September – December / September – June)
    • 1 October - 1 November : for second semester mobility. (January – June)


    Late applications may be accepted upon confirmation by the International coordinator in your host faculty.

  • ISEP/ BCI Program

    ISEP - Once your application is approved on the ISEP application platform, you will complete an application form our service send by email during the application period.

    BCI – Once your application is approved on the BCI platform and your home institution officially nominated you, you will complete an application form our service send by email during the application period.


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