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Essential mobility formalities

The International Welcome Office offers assistance to exchange students for all non academic administrative formalities. Feel free to contact us for any further information.

  • Preparing your mobility project

    If you wish to study at the University of Angers as part of an exchange programme, you should first contact the international relations department of your home university to find out how to apply for an exchange programme.

  • Nomination

    To study at the University of Angers as an exchange student, your home university must send us an exchange programme nomination (Erasmus+, bilateral agreements, ISEP, BCI).
    For more information about exchange student nominations and admission, go to the Admissions page for exchange students.

  • Erasmus+ learning agreement

    The learning agreement is your study plan or list of courses in which you wish to enrol. It must be validated by the coordinator at your home university and the coordinator at the University of Angers. We remind you that the learning agreement must be prepared before arrival in order to register once you arrive.

    To prepare your learning agreement, go through our course database for courses taught in French and our catalogue for courses taught in English.

    To know the coordinator at the University of Angers, contact us at (echange.internationa @

  • Visa and residence permit

    European Union (EU) nationals

    Students who have the nationality from a country within the European Union (EU) or within the European Economic Area (EEA) do not need a student visa to study or do an internship in France.

    Non European Union (EU) nationals

    If you are not a national of a European Union country and would like to study in France, you should consult the official visa information website. to find out how to obtain a long-stay visa (VLS-TS): 

    Students with a long stay visa will have to validate the long stay visa (VLS-TS) within 3 months upon arrival in France. More details on Welcome to UA website.

    Students holding a residence permit from a European Union (EU) country

    Students who hold a residence permit from one of the European Union (EU) countries, and who wish to study for more than 3 months in France, must apply for a long-stay visa  (VLS-TS) or a notification of mobility in France (Notification de mobilité en France). To find out which procedure is best for you :

    Contact the French Embassy of your residence country

    If you need to apply for a notification of mobility "Notification de mobilité en France", contact the International Office at the University of Angers to obtain assistance
    Please note that a "Notification de mobilité en france" does not entitle you to French health insurance or housing benefits from the Caisse d'allocations familiales (CAF). The notification is limited to 360 days.

  • Budget

    In order to obtain your visa, you must prove that you have sufficient financial resources for your life in France.

    You should anticipate a minimum of €1200 for your first month in Angers and minimum of €700 for the following months (estimate based on accommodation in a Crous housing complex).

    It is essential to establish a budget for your stay and to foresee

    •     University registration fees according to your course,
    •     accommodation,
    •     transportation,
    •     computer equipment, telephone and internet subscriptions,
    •     health expenses,
    •      ...

    On the Campus France pages, you will find examples of prices to help you refine your budget.


    Find out more about the scholarships awarded by Campus France here. If you do not have a scholarship, you should think carefully about your budget.

    UA and the Crous do not provide grants to international students enrolling for the first time in an institution of higher education.

    Lighten your housing budget

    A housing allowance from the Caisse d'allocations familiales (CAF) can provide you with monthly housing aid whether you are a tenant in private accommodation or in a hall of residence.

    Please note: If you are in possession of a temporary visa that does not require a residence permit or card, you are not eligible for this assistance.

    Student job

    Depending on your status you will have the possibility to work during your studies. However, this will not enable you to cover all your expenses.
    A student job can only be a supplementary income. Remember that it is difficult to find a student job.
    To find a student job, visit the Jobaviz pages of the CROUS:

  • Accommodation

    Exchange students can apply for a room in a student hall of residence through a partnership between the International Office at UA and the Crous. Under this agreement, students do not need to provide a guarantor.

    The rooms are located on the Belle Beille campus only. (Student halls of residence Belle-Beille and Lakanal). Each room measures 9m² (sq.m) and is furnished with a private toilet and shower. Shared facilities include the kitchen, the computer room, internet access (Wifi), a study hall, laundry facilities, a bicycle storage area, a car park, on-site security with entry codes and an intercom system.

    Virtual tour of a Crous student hall of residence

    Room allocation procedure

    Rooms are allocated by the International Office to students of the Academic year.

    Please note that the number of rooms is limited, and requesting a room does not guarantee its allocation.

    Nevertheless priority will be given to students whose agreement or programme includes an accommodation obligation as well as to students from EU Green Alliance universities.

    For the Fall semester

    • March 15 - May 15: The student must apply for a room during the admission process through the admission form.
    • From May 31: the International Office confirms the reservation by e-mail
    • Following reservation, the student hall of residence will send the housing agreement (Décision d'admission) and a list of documents that the student must provide.


    For the Spring semester

    Please note that room availability for the Spring semester depends on the departure of Fall semester students. The number of rooms available for Spring semester students is therefore very limited.

    •  October: The student must apply for a room during the admission process through the admission form.
    •  December: the International Office confirms the reservation by e-mail
    •  Following reservation, the student hall of residence will send the housing agreement (Décision d'admission) and a list of documents that the student must provide.


    Cost of a room

    • Reservation fee paid online: 50€ (non refundable)
    • Monthly rent: 263,72€
    • Deposit: 270€ (refunded at the end of the stay if the room is clean and undamaged)
    • Compulsory housing insurance: approx. 30-50€
    • Bedding pack: 32€ (1 disposable duvet, 1 disposable pillow, 2 sheets, 1 pillowcase) If you don't want to buy this bedding pack, please inform the residence upon arrival.


    List of documents that students must provide to the student hall of residence upon arrival

    • The signed French version of the "Décision d'admission". 
    • The resident information sheet
    • 1 ID photo
    • A copy of an identity document
    • Housing insurance certificate
    • Deposit (270€) to be paid online.

    Rent and bedding kit must be paid before the 1st of the month following your arrival date (e.g.: with arrival on September 1st, rent must be paid before October 1st).


    Leaving the room

    The admission decision is valid from September 1st to August 31st.

    At least one month before departure, the students must take the following steps with the CROUS:

    • Give notice of departure.
      This can be done online with the account under the heading "Handling your CROUS accommodation".
    • In order to get the deposit back, make an appointment for a departure inventory  with the staff of the Crous student hall.

    We remind you that departures are possible from Monday to Friday (not on weekends).


    Choosing another type of accommodation

     Students can consult the dedicated pages of the "Welcome to UA" website where they will find a complete list of accommodation and the Studapart online housing platform.

    Students who arrive on a Sunday, must be aware that it is a legal resting day and only a few shops are open. Make sure to bring enough food and check the transport schedule.

  • Documents to bring

    Don’t forget to bring the following documents - they will be required for your administrative formalities:

    • Picture ID
    • Your European health insurance card or your health insurance contract
    • Your vaccination card (translated into French)
    • Extra ID pictures
    • Your birth certificate,
    • An original copy of your diploma (for non-exchange students).
  • Formalities that can be handled upon arrival

    Formalities such as the ones listed below, can all be handled once students have arrived in Angers.

    •  Registering at the International Office
    •  Registering at the faculty
    •  Enroling in courses
    •  Signing up for health insurance
    •  Opening a bank account
    •  Getting a French telephone number
    •  Applying for housing aid
    •  Etc.

    For a complete overview of practical information and formalities after arrival, go to our:

    “Welcome to UA” website.


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