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Our curricula focus on building solid theoretical foundations as well as organizing hands-on learning activities and projects that provide practical knowledge of the field. Our objective is to enable students either to take up further studies in Master's degree programmes or to successfully start their careers in application-oriented technical and management positions.

The IUT of Angers has a double degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing with the Jade Hochschule, Germany. Students from Jade Hochschule attend the second year courses of the business and marketing department to learn the foundations of and the fields with a particular application to tourism-related projects. Students from the marketing and business department attend the third year  courses of the Hospitality Management department of Jade Hochschule to further specialize in the marketing of tourism events and services. The programme is taught in German and in French.

More than 1,600 students, 18% international students

1 double degree

14 individual english-taught courses

40 international speakers

International semesters

The Institute of Technology of Angers offers English-taught programmes in Marketing, Sales & Communication, and in Electricity, Energy & Electronics for Embedded Systems. They are open to French and international students and conducted by our teachers and visiting professors from our partner universities.

Download the programme for the "International Semester in Marketing, Sales & Communication"

Download the programme for the "International Semester in Electricity, Energy & Electronics for Embedded Systems"


"After more than ten hours of flight and three or four hours of train, I finally arrived and was greeted by a teacher, Ms Thomas, at the railway station. This moved me a lot as a newcomer.
The administration staff, and especially Ms Ingles, provided a lot of help as well. I hope she misses my Chinese cooking...
The integration was great: staff members took us on a tour of the castle, we went to an exhibition, had afternoon tea in a café and my classmates helped me a lot with my studies and generally with aspects of student life.
The humorous negotiation teacher made the negotiation class my favourite, but I also leaned a lot from the teachers in the Marketing course!
The way of teaching is very different from what I was used to from my home university; students here are much more likely to be divided into small workgroups to study, discuss and deliver group presentations.
In my spare time, my friends and I walk in the streets of the city. The slow pace of life makes me relaxed. For New Year's eve, we also got together with our classmates to try Chinese hot pot. That was a great party.
I have made a lot of friends and unforgettable memories, and the teachers were kind, helpful and attentive.
During the three months in Angers, I experienced a different way of life and human interaction. I will always
cherish these wonderful memories and the precious friendships I made."

XU, Ning,
University of Ningbo, China


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