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University Institute of Technology

The Institute of Technology of the University of Angers joins 112 other institutes in a network that spans across France and shares a national academic programme.

We have adapted our programme to combine a strong theoretical foundation with direct input from industrial and commercial professionals to ensure that students get hands-on experience in their field of study. Each Bachelor’s programme provides face-to-face teaching hours, tutored projects and internship opportunities, that together offer a deep understanding of the course material and practical insight into prospective professional fields.

Thanks to our close connections with partner companies in the fields of food industry, horticulture, computer sciences, automation, retail business, purchasing, banking, etc. IUT ensures that 25% of our teaching staff are professionals with inside knowledge in their respective sectors. Together, our outstanding instructors and first-rate researchers provide innovating projects and leading-edge teaching methods.
IUT offers career-focused Bachelor’s degrees in seven subject areas:

  • Social work
  • Business administration
  • Marketing
  • Administration and sales management
  • Electrical engineering and computer sciences
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Applied biology

We are proud of establishing a vibrant academic community based upon small groups of learners (12-26 students per group), ensuring comfort in the classroom as well as closer attention and personal instruction from teachers. Of course, this choice also has the added benefit of easing the way for international students to adapt rapidly to their new learning environment.

IUT has the highest success rate in France for undergraduate students thanks to a dedicated team of professors, a robust student support service that helps students adapt to life at the university and a dynamic international relations office that provides all of the necessary guidance and assistance for students before, during and after their stay in Angers.

Founded in 1966, the Institute of Technology of Angers has repeatedly ranked first of its kind in France since 2016. This esteemed position comes from our proven success providing career-focused undergraduate degrees that prepare work-ready graduates in the competitive global economy. Aware of the importance of the international dimension of education, we have developed a broad network of partnerships with universities in Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia. We have been engaging with our partners worldwide in collaborations that include student and staff exchanges, internship projects, international events as well as double degree programmes. Thanks to our English-taught courses, our dynamic academic community, and our stimulating teaching environment, we offer incoming international students an enriching and rewarding experience. Welcome to the IUT, welcome to your future.

Patrice Mangeard
Dean of the Institute of Technology of Angers


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