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One of the key points of our faculty's international development strategy is to establish strong links with selected partners in different parts of the world and for specific academic programmes and/or research.

For example, we have developed a triple Master's degree in International Finance with two European universities (Poland and Italy). Our Faculty is also home to The Lighthouse Legal Clinic, which has been awarded a Jean Monnet Module label and funding (2019-2022). Our international development is ongoing, as our news shows, and is based on quality support for students, provided by the administration and teaching teams involved.

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies has numerous erasmus+ agreements in Europe for law, economics and business studies at Bachelor's and Master's levels. We also have a number of bilateral agreements in Brazil, China, Morocco, Quebec and Russia. Finally, we receive and send students abroad through the ISEP network, the BCI network and numerous bilateral agreements with the University of Angers.

Our strategy is to strengthen existing agreements. We already have strong partnerships with the Nicolas Copernicus University of Torun in Poland (triple Master's degree), the University of Macerata in Italy (triple Master's degree), the University of Modena in Italy (two double Bachelor's degrees). We are also developing research collaborations with these partner universities. In addition, we are strengthening our agreements with universities that can host our students enrolled in dual degree programmes, such as the Bachelor's degree in Law-History (agreement with the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec), the Bachelor's degree in Law-Economics (several universities in Spain) and the Bachelor's degree in Mathematics-Economics.

And last but not least, our aim is also to develop research mobility for PhD students (and for teachers and more generally for researchers).


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