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Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies at the University of Angers is an education and reseach unit with close to 3500 students.

The faculty has two departments:

  • The department of Law and Political Science
  • The department of Economy, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Each department is home to an institute or a school:

  • The Institute for Judicial Studies 
  • The School of Economy and Wealth Management (ESEMAP)

The courses are backed by two research laboratories, the CJB (Centre Jean Bodin) for law and political science and GRANEM (Groupe de Recherche Angevin d'Économie et de Management) for economics and management.

The faculty offers students remarkable work conditions: a campus in the centre of the city with a University Library providing a wide range of work spaces and extended working hours, as well as a University Restaurant. Individual support for students (tutors, reference teachers) ensures that, from the moment they arrive at the University, they receive support for the development of their projects and their academic success.

The faculty attaches great importance to relations with civil society. Thus, the Professional partnerships club is a meeting place for professionals, academics and students as well as a forum for exchanges on local, national or international issues. The professional Partners' Club is dedicated to its various stakeholders and draws on the activities of the two research laboratories.

The international dimension of our faculty has been developed and strengthened over the years, both in terms of courses and international research cooperation. Each year, we welcome around fifty students from Europe and outside Europe, within the framework of various exchange programmes. We also welcome international bachelor's and master's degree students through CampusFrance. In addition, foreign teacher-researchers contribute to the success of our courses and to the development of international research collaborations. Finally, we encourage international thesis co-tutorships. Our international relations office provides support for both students and international researchers.

Christophe Daniel
Dean of the Faculty


Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies - University of Angers

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