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Separated by coma

You are staying at home! Thank you!

You are studying intensively… Bravo!

You have sorted all your books in alphabetical order… and your socks as well? Impressive!

 ... But are you also eating well?

And do you know the appropriate working postures and gestures to avoid back/neck problems?


At UA, the SUMPPS is here to henlp you take care of yourself by making simple recipes and stretching exercises available to you online.

Tip no 31: Hands and wrists streching

Tip no 30: Recipe - Tarte Tatin-style yoghurt

Tip no 29: Resting your eyes 3

Tip no 28: Relieve the forearm

Tip no 27: Resting your eyes 2

Tip no 26: Recipe - Baguette toasts

Tip no 25: Hand stretching

Tip no 24 : How to reduce glare on your computer screen

Tip no 23 : Resting your eyes

Tip no 22 : Recipe - Rice muffins

Tip no 21 : Shoulder stretching

Tip no 20 : sitting/standing position (no more than one hour each)

Tip no 19: Recipe - Chocolate chip bread

Tip no 18: Remember to stretch your ankles and legs

Tip no 17: Recipe - Oeuf cocotte

Tip no 16: Stretch your back and legs

Tip no 15: Use a pillow to support your back

Tip no 14: Recipe - Potatoes, spinach and chickpeas with cumin


Tip no 13: Stretching on a sofa

Tip no 12: Recipe - mushroom and kidney beans rillettes

Tip no 11: Eyes stretching exercise

Tip no 10: Recipe - Vanilla or Chocolate cream

Tip no 9: Back stretching exercise

Tip no. 8: Recipe - Sheppard's pie with bacon and kidney beans

Tip no. 7: Leg stretching

Tip no. 6:  Make a footrest

Tip no. 5: Recipe – Barry'soup

Tip no. 4: Neck stretching exercises

Tip no. 3: Recipe – Quiche with Sardines

Tip no. 2: Back stretching exercises

Tip no. 1: Preventing back/neck pain