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Academic continuityDigital work tools

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the University of Angers has made arrangements to ensure academic and administrative continuity. This is a list of tools available to students and staff.

Updated on November 2nd at 15:00 p.m


With the Office 365 Suite ( @ ), all members of the UA community can use the communication and collaboration tool: Teams. Among its many features, Teams offers chat as well as calling and video conferencing, all in one click.

More about Teams



Moodle is the learning platform of the University of Angers. It allows teachers to upload documents for their students, to communicate with them and to develop e-learning activities.

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Panopto is a software that makes it very easy to record and share video presentations and academic lectures. Students can directly access their own videos with this tool.

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Do you have problems with these tools?

Enter a Helpdesk ticket in the IT Support section of the UA online services (“Mon Université” / “Guichet numérique” / “Assistance Numérique”) or directly on:

Support at your faculty

If you are encountering difficulties (connexion, lack of material, etc.), the staff at your faculty is also ready to help you. This is the list of the suuport contacts at each faculty:

  • Languages, Literature & Social Sciences: Alexandre Laurent, alexandre.laurent @ (alexandre.laurent @
  • IAE: François Pantin, francois.pantin @ (francois.pantin @
  • Polytech Angers: Anne Huchet, anne.huchet @ (anne.huchet @
  • Science: Cécile Carcenac, celine.carcenac @ (celine.carcenac @
  • Law, economy & Business Studies: Christophe Daniel, christophe.daniel @ (christophe.daniel @
  • Esthua: Anne Rey, anne.rey @ (anne.rey @
  • IUT: Pascale Ingles, pascale.ingles @ (pascale.ingles @
  • CeLFE: Charlotte Breton, celfe @
  • Cholet: Eric Pierre, eric.pierre @ (eric.pierre @