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Tips and tricks to help you organize your study days at home

Set working hours and stick to them

Everyone works at a different rhythm. During the confinement period, create a schedule, but not necessarily the same schedule as you would have for your studies under normal circumstances. Assist the online courses and maintain a steady rhythm by sticking to the schedule you have created. Alarms can help you structure your day.

Get dressed

Do not stay in your pyjamas all day - it might result in demotivation in the long run. Get dressed as you would under normal circumstances to attend classes - perfume is optional...

Create a workspace

If possible, create a quiet workspace in an unobstructed area dedicated to your working day. It isn't an easy task in student housing... but not impossible!

Make a to-do list

Download UA's to-do list  to your computer or print it out. Set goals and list tasks to complete, but don't be too ambitious. Stick to your course and study schedule. 

Don't forget to take breaks

Get up and stretch regularly (every 30 minutes). Have some tea, coffee, juice It is also important to stay hydrated - your brain needs it to stay focused and to memorize your courses. Have a real Lunch break and make sure to eat a balanced diet. The SUMPPS culinary blog (in French) is filled with good cooking ideas.

Click here for more health tips

Stay in contact

Do not isolate yourself... Well, you should of course physically isolate yourself, but make sure that you stay in touch with your family, your friends, etc., and your Buddy Mentor. The Buddy System is here exactly for this purpose. 

Remember to exercise 

Stay physically active at home! UA uploads sports sessions created and filmed by the SUAPS instructors every day (in French).

Relax and disconnect

It is important to relax as well. UA will regularly upload cultural content to help you relax when your working day is over. Download the UA playlist and check out the cultural content here.

To-Do list

In order to help you organize your study days at home, we provide you with a to-do list.

You can download it or print it in from your computer.