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I went abroad!Erasmus exchange testimonial from Granada, Spain

Welcome to our series of interviews with UA students and staff on their international adventures. Two international guest lecturers and a visiting international student have already shared their experiences at UA. This time, a local student shares her study-abroad story after having spent a semester in Spain.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi! I am Lucie, a third-year Law degree student at the University of Angers on the Cholet campus. I went on an exchange with the Erasmus programme in the city of Granada in Andalusia (Spain) during the first semester of my third year. Being a student on the Cholet campus is not a problem when you want to go abroad, because the university administration helps you as they do any other student at UA.

How did you adapt to your new environment?

It wasn't difficult! Granada is an Erasmus city and welcomes a lot of foreign students, so the teachers treat you as local students, which means that you must master the Spanish language at a high level. Several special Erasmus student associations offer trips (BestLife, Emycet, etc.) so you can meet students from all over the world.

Do you have any tips for students who want to do an Erasmus exchange in Granada?

Granada is filled with party places or chill-out spots and you will easily find bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

My most important tip would be to choose your accommodation with care! Pay special attention to its proximity to your faculty, but also to its surroundings. The houses aren't as sound-proof as in France and believe me, living just above a bar isn't an ideal situation, because it is too noisy to study. My second tip is to be highly motivated! As I said, Granada is a great city for partying, but academically, the courses are quite challenging and Erasmus students don't get special treatment! My last tip somewhat contradicts the previous one: it is important to go out to practise your Spanish as much as possible with the locals (restaurants, shops, gyms, associations, etc.)!

What has this experience done for you?

It has been a very enriching experience, both personally and academically! Studying abroad enables you to discover a new country and a new culture, and to change your habits by leaving French comfort behind without necessarily having to go to the other side of the world. It certainly forced me to change my habits in all areas (school, food, transport, etc.) and it allowed me to meet international students from lots of different countries. I've made long-lasting friendships in Granada and we still keep in touch!  

If you still hesitate after this testimonial, it might help to know that the hardest thing is not to leave, but to come back…

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