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Bilateral Agreements

The University of Angers has bilateral co-operation agreements with universities from various countries worldwide. Bilateral student exchange is based on mutual terms, which means that usually students do not pay tuition fee at the host university and study there as exchange students.

If a student wishes to join the University of Angers by way of the bilateral agreements, it is important to make sure that the courses offered at UA are compatible with the studies and the degree prepared at the home university. The student must also get the approval of his or her department's exchange officer.

All international students arriving at UA benefit from tailored guidance to facilitate their integration and have the opportunity to enrol in free French lessons.

Bilateral agreements cover all the study programmes at the University of Angers and are therefore not specific to a single faculty.

If your university wishes to sign a bilateral agreement with the University of Angers, you can contact our International Office directly at relations.internationales @