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NanoFar Erasmus Mundus joint doctorate in nanomedicine and pharmaceutical innovation.

This programme was selected in July 2011 by the European Union, and was funded for 5 editions of three years.

NanoFar is a 6 European universities consortium around researches in nanomedicine (application of nanotechnology to health care, offering very promising possibilities in diagnosis and therapy):

Since  October 2012, this Erasmus Mundus doctoral program has proposed 36 fellowships to European and non-European students. They are required to alternate study and research periods in at least two universities of the consortium, and are graduated from the two universities attended (double degree).

Professor Frank Boury (INSERM U1232, CRCINA) is in charge of this project at the University of Angers.

NanoFar is an Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 programme.

Visit the NanoFar website