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In July 2022, the EU-Green alliance was awarded €14.4 million in funding from the European Commission for the creation of an alliance of European universities.

The EU-Green consortium consists of the University of Angers and eight other partners. They are all medium-sized public institutions from all over Europe, comparable in terms of size, geographical location and mission. They are multidisciplinary universities focused on teaching excellence, with strong but not intensive research, and deeply rooted in their local ecosystems.

An alliance of European universities remains first and foremost an experiment from which it is expected to draw conclusions in terms of progress on the creation of a European degree, on new national university models, or even on a regulatory status for a European university.

EU GREEN is an inclusive partnership to put the Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of our university mission (teaching, research, innovation and service to society).

The project is structured around 9 Work Packages. Each partner pilots one module and co-pilots a second:


The University of Angers participates in all of these work packages, but it has more specifically positioned itself as the pilot of the Research work package (WP3) with Italian colleagues from Parma.
The University of Angers is co-piloting the Sustainable Campus work package (WP8) with the Swedes from Gävle.