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University Diploma in French Studies : DUEF

The semester courses of the Diplôme Universitaire d'Etudes Françaises (DUEF) are general French language courses. The courses are full-time and include several levels of instruction. 

The objectives of the DUEF are to master the French language orally and in writing, to discover French culture, but also to prepare for enrolment at university for subsequent academic studies.

  • Prerequisites

    This course is aimed at anyone (non French-speaking) who wishes to improve their French skills and who holds a French baccalaureate diploma (secondary school diploma) or equivalent.

  • Course period

    The courses are taught by teachers with university degrees in French as a foreign language (FLE). Students at each level take an exam at the end of the semester to obtain a University Diploma in French Studies.

    • 2 sessions each academic term (session 1: from September to January; session 2: from February to June),
    • 204 hours of class per session


    Following the covid-19 pandemic and government measures, all or part of the training will take place remotely.

  • Prices

    Non exchange students (free movers):

    • For one session (semestre): 1500 €
    • For the complete academic year: 3000 €
    • University fees (set by ministerial order): 170 € whereof 34 € are for the university library.

    Exchange students:

    • For one session (semstre): 1000 €
  • Application process

    For the session from September to December 2021, applications are closed.

    The following supporting documents will be requested:

    • A copy of your ID.
    • A copy of your birth certificate and the French translation of it.
    • A copy of your secondary school diploma as well as the translation into French.
    • Your CV.
    • Your application letter (motivation for applying).

    For further information, please contact celfe @

    Please note: If your application is successful, your registration will only be possible if a group of your level is open.


celfe @
+33(0)2 44 68 86 53

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