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The UA sport service’s team (SUAPS) teaches and organizes physical, sports and artistic activities for UA students. It also offers free activities open for everyone.

Student sports package

By registering to the SUAPS, you access the sports package which includes:

  • one sport activity of your choice per semester for free
  • unlimited access to the cardio area
  • free access to activities and discovery planning activities (May/June)
  • preferential rate access to the training camps.

First-aid training

“Prévention et secours civiques de niveau 1” – “PSC1” (equivalent to First Aid and CPR Certification): learn the required behaviour and knowledge to prevent a situation of danger, protect yourself and rescue others.

“Brevet national de sécurité et de sauvetage aquatique” – BNSSA (national patent for water safety and rescue): this lifeguard qualification allows you to watch beaches and public or private swimming pools.

Key figures

55+ activities (+ 10 activities in Cholet and 2 in Saumur)

150+ Time slots per week (+ 1 special sporting even every month)