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French language courses and workshops

Several types of courses and workshops are offered to foreign students and researchers enrolled at the University of Angers

  • French language course (from A1 to B2), to communicate both orally and in writing and learn grammar rules and lexicon
  • Conversation workshops (from A2 to B2), to speak French with other students
  • Academic work methods (B2+ / C1), to learn about the university techniques and methodology to study in France
  • French course for Objectif Médical (B2+ /C1), for interns at Angers University Hospital.
  • Prerequisite

    These courses are exclusively for foreign students enrolled at the University of Angers either as non-exchange students, exchange students, or as international researchers (doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers).

    UA international students interested in these courses must register via an online form and take a language test to determine their level.

    Please see "How to know your language level" below.

  • Course modalities

    Students and researchers can choose 2 courses maximum.
    Exchange students obtain 6 ECTS credits per language course, workshop or academic work methods course.
    Non-exchange students and researchers will receive a certificate of attendance.
    Dual degree students obtain 4 ECTS credits for the language courses.

    • Semester programme (30 hours / semester)
    • Qualifying course
    • 4 types of courses from level A1 to C1 (CEFR)
    • 2 sessions each year (Fall session and Spring session)

    Download the French course presentation brochure.

    To view the detailed presentation, click here.

  • Registration

    To register, click here. (registration from January 9, 2024 1:00 p.m.)

    Please note: If you do not yet have a student account at the University of Angers, you will need to create your ENT (Student web portal) to be able to register.

  • How to know your language level ?

    Take the placement test in French:
    Enter the code received by email after your registration.

    This placement test takes about an hour and will allow an evaluation of your current level of French proficiency. You will answer questions related to oral comprehension, written comprehension and short written expression. The result of these three parts of the test will be taken into consideration when evaluating your score and placing you in a group.

    During this test, you cannot

    • use a translator or dictionnary
    • open another internet page
    • use your telephone
    • communicate with other people


    At your first visit on the website , click on "Inscription" and fill in the following information: 

    • établissement: CELFE ANGERS
    • filière (UFR ou composante): Cours de français
    • année d’études: Autres
    • login: last name.first name
    • mot de passe: choose your password


    Take the test

    Watch the video to fully understand this test. everything will be explained in detail. Click on "connect to a session" and enter the code received by e-mail after your online registration.

    At the end of the test, your level will be indicated and you can export the results to a pdf file.

    PAY ATTENTION to the listening comprehension:

  • Calendar 2023/2024 – first semester


    Tuesday January 9, 2024 at noon


    Click here to join the meeting

    Meeting ID: 331 543 200 591 

    Passcode: v4wh3e 

    Download Teams | Join on the web

    Online registration and Evalang placement test

    Until January 19, 2024 midnight

    Email confirmation

    Groups will be organized according to placement test results.

    You will receive a confirmation email detailing the course, the name of the teacher, the date and the classroom. January 26, 2024 (afternoon).

    Course dates

    Language course
    On the St-Serge campus: from January 29, 2024
    On the Belle-Beille campus: from February 1, 2024

    Conversation Workshops
    On the Belle-Beille campus : from January 30, 2024

    University Work Methodology Course (MTU)
    On the Campus of Belle Beille:  video lessons + distance course


    Week 10
    From March 2 to March 10, 2024


celfe @
+33(0)2 44 68 86 45 (DUEF / DUP)

+33(0)2 44 68 86 53 (DELF / DALF)

Postal address
Direction de l'International
La Passerelle
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