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DELF-DALF certifications

Foreign students and professionals seeking official certification of their French language proficiency, can pass the DELF-DALF exams, certification diplomas awarded by the Ministry of National Education. 

The CeLFE at the UA is an authorized exam centre and provides different certification programs. The offer is suitable for all ages and all audiences and is harmonized on the 6-level scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The diplomas are independent and serve as proof of proficiency in  four language skills. The certification diploma is valid indefinitely.

  • Tests modalities

    Collective tests

    • Listening comprehension (rated out of 25)
    • Reading comprehension (rated out of 25)
    • Written production (rated out of 25)

    The individual test

    • Oral production (rated out of 25)
  • Prices

    • DELF A2 : 90€
    • DELF B1 or DELF B2 : 125€
    • DALF C1 or DALF C2 : 145 €
  • Calendar


     Registration dates

     Exam dates

    DELF B2

    From Monday 2 to Wednesday 4 October 2023

    From Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 November 2023

    DELF B1 & B2

    DALF C1

    From Monday 27 to Wednesday November 29, 2023

    From Thursday 11 to Tuesday 16 January 2024

    DELF B2

    From Monday 5 to Wednesday February 7, 2024

    From Thursday 14 to Monday March 18, 2024

    DELF B2

    DALF C1 & C2

    From Monday 1 to Wednesday April 3, 2024

    From Thursday 23 to Tuesday 28 May 2024

    DELF A2

    From Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 April 2024

    From Wednesday June 5 to Friday June 7, 2024

    DELF B2

    From Monday September 30 to Wednesday October 2, 2024

    From Thursday 7 to Tuesday 12 November 2024

  • Registration

    You can register on the dates indicated in the calendar, by filling the form which will be available there.


    For candidates with a disability where accommodations must be made, please let us know by e-mail 2 months before taking the tests, enclosing a medical certificate.

    The file must be accompanied by the following documents (we will ask you to upload them at the time of your online registration):

    • A copy of your identification photo (identity card, residence permit or passport).
    • If you have already registered for a DELF or DALF session: a copy of your transcript, certificate of achievement or diploma.

    Registration fees

    For registration fees, you can only make payment by credit card at the end of the form.

    Université d'Angers / CeLFE
    La Passerelle - 2 rue Lakanal - 49045 Angers cedex 01


celfe @
+33(0)2 44 68 86 45 (DUEF / DUP)

+33(0)2 44 68 86 53 (DELF / DALF)

Postal address
Direction de l'International
La Passerelle
2 rue Lakanal
49045 Angers Cedex 01