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Fanny ThomasPolytech Sante - Enseignant-chercheur GBS - GRANEM / Polytech Sante - GBS

    • Départements d'Enseignement POLYTECH - Génie Biologique et Santé POLYTECH
      Polytech Santé - Enseignant-chercheur GBS - GRANEM
    • 62 Avenue Notre Dame du Lac - 49000 - ANGERS
    • Polytech Santé - Enseignant-chercheur GBS - GRANEM
    • +33 (0) 2 41 22 67 13

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    • Struct. Fédérative de Rech. pluridisciplinaires en Lettres, Langues et Scces Hum. : SFR Confluences
    • Struct. Fédérative de Rech. pluridisciplinaires en Lettres, Langues et Scces Hum. : SFR Confluences - Groupe de Recherche Angevin en Economie et Management : Granem
      Polytech Santé - GBS
    • 5 B Boulevard de Lavoisier - 49045 - ANGERS CEDEX 01


    Maître de conférences en sciences de gestion


    Personal details



    Name and first name:

    THOMAS Fanny



    Current position

    Associate Professor – Management Sciences, Marketing  at Polytech Angers, in the Biological Engineering and Health Department

    Head of the Polytech-IAE double degree in management

    Researcher at Laboratory GRANEM (Economics and Management)

    Member of the Granem Laboratory Board

    French public organisation

    RNSR code



    Unit code

    Code postal / Postcode

    Ville / Town


    University of Angers

    GRANEM (Groupe de Recherche

    Angevin en Economie et Management)

    GRANEM EA 7456


    Angers Cedex 01

    Other activities

    Executive board, supervision of student, teaching, memberships in panels or individual scientific reviewing activities

    Research Project Supervision

    Sept 1. 2020-Dec.31 2022: Head of the PAIC research project (Packaging and Ingredients, Consumer perception) - 2 years; Regional and University of Angers funding (PULSAR program); grant allocated: 24817€.

    July 1. 2019-Sept. 30 2020: Head of the BBSAIN research project (BéBé et Santé Alimentaire, Innovations et impact des Ingrédients Naturels: Baby and Food Health, Innovations and Impact of Natural Ingredients) - 1 year; Regional and private funding (via Enjeu(x) program, MSH Ange Guépin interdisciplinary seminar, RFI Food For Tomorrow & Diana Food company); grant allocated: 22,500€.


    Student Supervision

    2023: internship supervision for AAPRO Chair (3 Masters)

    2022-2023: internship supervision for PAIC project (Master)

    2021-2022: internship supervision for PAIC project (Master)

    2020: internship supervision for BBSAIN project (Master)

    2017 to present: applied student project (bachelor to Masters’s)-about 3 per year e.g : studies of acceptability by consumers of vegetal proteins (bachelor level), developing an energetic bar composed of insect powder based on consumer acceptability (Master level).

    2017 to present: internship supervision (bachelor to Master’s) - until 10 per year


    Membership of panels and individual scientific reviewing activities

    2019 to present: reviewer for Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Association Française du Marketing and other peer-reviewed academic conferences.

    Teaching and management

    2021 to present: Responsible for the double degree in management Polytech-IAE Angers

    2011 to present: teaching within business school, university, engineering school (currently) (Marketing – Strategy - Marketing Studies – International Trade - Management – Business game) for several programs many of which are Master level.


    Previous positions

    Start date

    End date




    Sept. 2019

    Sept. 2017

    Sept. 2013

    Oct. 2011

    June 2007


    Aug. 2019

    May. 2017

    July. 2013







    University of Angers

    University of Angers

    University of Lyon 3

    University of Auvergne/ESCO

    Naturex/Safran engineering

    Associate Professor-Polytech Angers

    Temporary Lecturer and Research ass

    PhD candidate and Teaching fellow

    Teaching fellow

    Marketing and European sales manager




    2017: PhD in Management (Marketing)

    Dissertation thesis: “Visual complexity of packaging and product evaluation: the case of ingredient depiction in the food sector” under the supervision of Pr Mrs. S. CAPELLI (University of Lyon 3).

    PhD committee: Pr. G. PANTIN-SOHIER (University of Angers), Pr. N. GUICHARD (University of Paris Saclay), Pr. C. WERLE (GEM), F. CELHAY (MBS).

    2013: Research Master’s in Management Sciences, University of Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand (Major).

    2011: Master’s in Marketing, Management and Project Development, University of Auvergne, Clermont-FD.

    Scientific productions


    ¤  2022: Best paper award, Thomas F., Pantin-Sohier G., Piqueras-Fiszman B (2022) « Bigger is more: ingredient size bias perception on product evaluation ». 21th International Marketing Trends Conference, Jan 2022, Roma, Italy.


    Research projects

    ¤  2023-2025: co-leader, TRANSLAG (); 3 years; INRAE/TETRAE funding

    ¤  2022-2026: Team member, ANR ETIC (EffecTs of digital Images on Consumers) (Scientific coord.: Pr S.CAMUS); 3 years; ANR funding

    ¤  2020-2022: PAIC (Packaging and Ingredients, Perception of Consumer) research project see above in research project supervision

    ¤  2021- : Team member, research and teaching of the Chair AAPRO  (Advantage and Acceptability of Alternative Proteins) (Scientific coord.: Pr G. PANTIN-SOHIER); 2 years; FEDER funding (until 2023)

    ¤  2019-2020: BBSAIN research project see above in research project supervision

    ¤  2019-2022: Team member, ANR CRI-KEE (Consumption and Representations of Insects – Knowledge on their Edibility in Europe) (Scientific coord.: Pr G. PANTIN-SOHIER); 3 years; ANR funding



    ¤  2019: MIR (International Research Mobility), visiting at University of Wageningen, Netherlands in June 2019 for collaboration for BBSAIN project with PhD/Associate prof. B. PIQUERAS-FISZMAN.


    Relevant publications     


    Thomas, F., & Capelli, S. (2023). Increasing purchase intention while limiting binge‐eating: The role of repeating the same flavor‐giving ingredient image on a front of package. Psychology & Marketing. [CNRS 3], [HCERES A], [FNEGE 2].



    Capelli, S., & Thomas, F. (2021). To look tasty, let's show the ingredients! Effects of ingredient images on implicit tasty–healthy associations for packaged products. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, vol 61, 102061.

     [CNRS 3], [HCERES B], [FNEGE 3].


    Thomas, F., & Capelli, S. (2018). The effect of the number of ingredient images on package evaluation and product choice. Recherche et Applications en Marketing (French Edition), 33(3), 7-33. [CNRS 2], [HCERES A], [FNEGE 2].


    Scientific promotion

    Main conferences

    Thomas F., Pantin-Sohier G. & Piqueras-Fiszman B (2022).The bigger the better! Effect of ingredient image size on healthy product positioning. 15TH PANGBORN SENSORY SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM - MEETING NEW CHALLENGES IN A CHANGING WORLD.

    Parguel, B., Charry, K., Sohier, G. P., & Thomas, F. (2023, July). The role of culture in the effectiveness of environmental appeals to reduce unsustainable meat consumption. In Global Marketing Conference (pp. 1044-1044).

    Thomas F., Guillet M., Pantin-Sohier G & Piqueras-Fizsman B. (2022). « Ce produit a du goût ! L’influence de la taille des ingrédients sur les emballages sur l’évaluation du produit selon le positionnement gourmand (vs. Sain) », 21ème Journées Normandes de Recherche sur la Consommation au Havre, 17-18 novembre.

    Thomas F., Richard P., Focone F, Pantin-Sohier G., Marquis D., Hedhili A. (2022), “Concreteness level of insect representation on insect food packagings and its effect on product preference and evaluation”. Insect to Feed the Word, 12-16 june 2022, Québec, Canada

    Thomas F., Pantin-Sohier G., Piqueras-Fiszman B (2022) « Bigger is more: ingredient size bias perception on product evaluation ». 21th International Marketing Trends Conference, Jan 2022, Roma, Italy. Best paper award.

    Thomas F., Pantin-Sohier G., Piqueras-Fiszman B (2020) « Is my baby's snack of good quality? Effect of the ingredient images size on the front of packaging » Eurosense 2020, Dec 2020, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Thomas F., Piqueras-Fizsman B., et Pantin-Sohier G. (2020), « The Effect of Ingredient Images on Baby Food Packaging on Healthiness Perception, Quality, and Trust », Academy of Marketing Science, Coral Gables, Miami, 20-22 mai 2020.

    Thomas F. & Capelli S. (2019), « L'effet des images d'ingrédients aromatiques sur l'évaluation et la consommation du produit », 35ème congrès International de l’Association Française du Marketing au Havre, 15-17 mai 2019.

    Thomas F. & Capelli S. (2017), « L’impact du nombre d’ingrédients sur le traitement de l’information, l’imagerie mentale de la saveur et le choix du produit ?», 33ème congrès International de l’Association Française du Marketing à Tours, ,17-19 mai 2017

    Thomas F. & Capelli S. (2014), « Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué ? La perception d’un packaging alimentaire en fonction de son niveau de complexité », 30ème congrès International de l’Association Française du Marketing à Montpellier, France, 19-21 mai 2014.


    More details on :


    Book chapters

    Capelli S., Ferreira B., Thomas F. (2016) Communication in Relief: Should We Embosse the Brand or the Product? In: Petruzzellis L., Winer R. (eds) Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science. Springer, Cham


    Science popularization

    Pantin-Sohier G. and Thomas F. (2022). Chaire AAPRO (Avantages et Acceptabilité des protéines alternatives) : Comment renforcer le lien entre chercheurs et entreprises locales pour favoriser le made in ? », journée d’études Interreg à Lille, 30 septembre.

    Thomas F. ; Richard P., Pantin-Sohier G., Marquis D. ; Hedili A., Focone F (2022), « Miam ! Des goûters à la farine insoupçonnée », fête de la science, University of Angers, October 2022.

    Thomas F. (2021), promotion and popularization of the BBSAIN project in the magazine "Soif! " n°3 in a docu-BD within the framework of the program Enjeu(x), Enfance et Jeunesse. "Acting with children for their well-being", March 2021.

    Thomas F. (2021), research presentation and scientific mediation for teenagers from high school Lycée Emmanuel Mounier in Angers, within Declics association, , January 2021.

    Thomas, F., Piqueras-Fiszman, B. et Pantin-Sohier, G. (2019): BBSAIN project results, Innovons pour le bien-être des enfants, Enjeu(x) program, Nantes, 20 novembre 2019.

    Thomas, F (2016) « Surveiller sa santé sans bouder son plaisir: le défi du marketing agroalimentaire » Interview, Grandes écoles et universités magazine, n°4, novembre 2016.



    Thomas F. (2021). Co Chairman ship with Pr Sandra Camus of organizing committee of the scientific congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM) in Angers 19-21 May 2021, University of Angers.

    Thomas F. (2016), Organizing committee of the scientific congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM) in Lyon 18-20 May 2016, University of Lyon 3.













  • Courriel : fanny.thomas @
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