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David MacherelPhysio vegetale - IRHS

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    Physiologie et biochimie végétale

    Thèmes de recherche

    Rôle et adaptations des mitochondries dans la tolérance au stress.



    Période 2007-2014


    El Zawily AM, Schwarzländer M, Finkemeier I, Johnston IG, Benamar A, Cao Y, Gissot C, Meyer AJ, Wilson K, Datla R, Macherel D, Jones NS, Logan DC (2014) FRIENDLY regulates mitochondrial distribution, fusion, and quality control in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology, in press.

    Allorent G, Osorio S, Ly Vu J, Falconet D, Jouhet J, Kuntz M, R. Fernie AR, Lerbs-Mache S, Macherel D, Courtois F, Finazzi G (2014) Adjustments of embryonic photosynthetic activity modulate seed fitness in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist, in press.

    Candat A, Paszkiewicz G, Neveu M, Gautier R, Logan DC, Avelange-Macherel MH, Macherel D (2014) The ubiquitous distribution of LEA proteins across cell compartments offers tailored protection against abiotic stress. Plant Cell, 26, 3148-3166.


    Macherel D (2013) We become more aware of the void as we explore it. New Phytol. 193: 873-875.

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    Benamar A, Pierart A, Baecker V, Avelange-Macherel MH,  Rolland A, Gaudichon S, di Gioia L, Macherel D (2013) A simple system using natural mineral water for high-throughput phenotyping of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings in liquid culture. Int. J. H-T Screening. 4: 1-15.

    Candat A, Poupart P, Andrieu JP, Chevrollier A, Reynier P, Rogniaux H, Avelange-Macherel MH, Macherel D (2013) Experimental determination of organellar targeting-peptide cleavage sites using transient expression of green fluorescent protein translational fusions. Anal. Biochem. 434: 44-51.


    Lechat MM, Pouvreau JB, Peron T, Gauthier M, Montiel G, Veronesi C, Todoroki Y, Le Bizec B, Monteau F, Macherel D, Simier P, Thoiron S, Delavault P. (2012) PrCYP707A1, an ABA catabolic gene, is a key component of Phelipanche ramosa seed germination in response to the strigolactone analogue GR24. J. Exp. Bot. 63: 5311-5322.

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    Macherel D, Benamar A, Avelange Macherel MH, Tolleter D (2007) Function and  stress tolerance of seed mitochondria. Physiol Plant., 129, 233–241.

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