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    Physiologie Végétale


    List of publications 

    1-  C Antonio, C Päpke, M Rocha, H Diab, A M Limami, A R Fernie, and Joost T. van Dongen (2015) Regulation of primary metabolism in response to low oxygen availability as revealed by carbon isotope redistribution. Plant Physiology. DOI: 10.1104/pp.15.00266.

    2-  M Lahaye,  X Falourd, A M Limami, L Foucat (2015) Water mobility and microstructure evolution in the germinating Medicago truncatula seed studied by NMR relaxometry : A revisited interpretation of multicomponent relaxation. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (in press DOI : 10.1021/jf505515n).

    3-  A Pellizzaro, T Clochard, E Planchet, A M Limami, M-C Morère-Le Paven (2015) Identification and molecular characterization of Medicago truncatula NRT2 and NAR2 families. Physiologia Plantarum (in press, doi:10.1111/ppl.12314).

    4-  A Pellizzaro, T Clochard, C Cukier, C Bourdin, M Juchaux, F Montrichard, S Thany, V Raymond, E Planchet, A M Limami, M-C Morère-Le Paven (2014) The nitrate transporter MtNPF6.8 (MtNRT1.3) transports ABA and mediates nitrate regulation of primary root growth in Medicago truncatula. Plant Physiology 166: 2152-2165.

    5-  E Planchet, I Verdu, J Delahaie, C Cukier, C Girard, M-C Le Paven, and A M Limami (2014) Abscisic acid-induced nitric oxide and proline accumulation in independent pathways under water deficit stress during seedling establishment in Medicago truncatula. J Exp Bot 65: 2161–2170.

    6-  E Larrainzar, J A Molenaar, S Wienkoop, E Gil-Quintana, B Alibert, A M Limami, C Arrese-Igor, E M Gonzalez (2014) Drought stress provokes the down-regulation of methionine and ethylene biosynthesis pathways in Medicago truncatula roots and nodules. Plant Cell Env (doi: 10.1111/pce.12285).

    7-  A M Limami, H Diab, J Lothier (2014) Nitrogen metabolism under low oxygen stress. Invited review Planta, 239: 531-541.

    8-  Limami AM. (2014) Adaptations of nitrogen metabolism to oxygen deprivation in plants. In J.T. van Dongen and F. Licausi (eds.), Low-Oxygen Stress in Plants, Plant Cell Monographs 21, DOI 10.1007/978-3-7091-1254-0_11, © Springer-Verlag Wien 2014

    9-  S Léran, K Varala, J-C Boyer, M Chiurazzi, N Crawford, F Daniel-Vedèle, L David, R Dickstein, E Fernandez, B Forde, W Gassmann, D Geiger, A Gojon, J-M Gong, B A Halkier, J M Harris, R Hedrich, A M. Limami, D Rentsch, M Seo, Y-F Tsay, M Zhang, G Coruzzi, B Lacombe (2014). A unified nomenclature of NITRATE TRANSPORTER 1 / PEPTIDE TRANSPORTER family members in plants. Trends in Plant Science 19(1): 5-9.

    10-                A Rouached, I Slama, W Zorrig, A Jdeya, C Cukier, M Rabhi, O Talbi, A M Limami, C Abdelly (2013) Differential performance of two forage species: Medicago truncatula and Sulla carnosa under water deficit stress and recovery. Crop and Pasture Sciences 64 : 254-264.

    11-                A Charrier1, E Lelièvre, A M. Limami, E Planchet (2013) Medicago truncatula stress associated protein 1 (MtSAP1) overexpression confers tolerance to abiotic stress and suppresses proline accumulation in transgenic tobacco. J Plant Phys 70 (9): 874-7. 

    12-                A Charrier, E Planchet, D Cerveau, C Gimeno-Gilles, I Verdu, A M. Limami, E Lelièvre (2012) Overexpression of a Medicago truncatula Stress-Associated Protein gene (MtSAP1) leads to nitric oxide accumulation and confers osmotic and salt stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco. Planta 236:567–577.

    13-                M-C Morère-Le Paven, L Viau, A Hamon, C Vandecasteele, A Pellizzaro, C Bourdin, C Laffont, B Lapied, M Lepetit, F Frugier, C Legros, A M Limami(2011) Characterization of a dual affinity nitrate transporter MtNRT1.3 in the model legume Medicago truncatula.J Exp Bot62: 5595–5605. 

    14-                Vandecasteele C, Teulat-Merah B, Morère-LepavenM-C, Leprince O, Viau L, Ly Vu B, Ledroit L, Pelletier S, Payet N, Satour P, Lebras C, Huguet T, Gallardo K, Limami AM, Prosperi J-M, Buitink J (2011) QTL analysis reveals a relationship between the ratio of sucrose/raffinose family oligosaccharides and seed vigour in Medicago truncatula. Plant Cell Env 34: 1473-1487.  

    15-                E Planchet, O Rannou, C Ricoult, A M. Limami (2011) Unravelling the involvement of ABA in the water deficit-induced modulation of nitrogen metabolism in Medicago truncatula seedlings. Plant Signalling and Behaviour 6:7, 1-3.

    16-                C Gimeno-Gilles, M-L Gervais, E Planchet, P Satour, A M Limami, E Lelievre (2011) A stress-associated protein containing A20/AN1 zing-finger domains expressed in Medicago truncatula seeds Plant Physiol Biochem 49:  303 - 310.

    17-                E Planchet, O Rannou, C Ricoult, S Boutet-Mercey, A Maia-Grondard, A M Limami (2011) Nitrogen metabolism responses to water deficit act through both abscisic acid (ABA)-dependent and independent pathways in Medicago truncatula during post-germination. J Exp Bot 62: 605–615.

    18-                L Cassan, L Moreau, S Segouin, A Bellamy, M Falque, A M Limami (2010) Genetic map construction and quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping for nitrogen use efficiency and its relationship with productivity and quality of the biennial crop Belgian endive (Cichorium intybus L.). J Plant Physiol. 167: 1253–1263.

    19-                C Gimeno-Gilles, E Lelièvre, L Viau, M Malik-Ghulam, C Ricoult, A Niebel, N Leduc and A M Limami (2009) ABA Mediated Inhibition of Germination is related to the Inhibition of Genes Encoding Cell Wall Biosynthetic and Architecture - Modifying Enzymes and Structural Proteins in Medicago truncatula Embryo Axis. Molecular Plant 2: 108-119.

    20-                A M Limami, G Glevarec, C Ricoult, J-B Cliquet and E Planchet (2008) Concerted modulation of alanine and glutamate metabolism in young Medicago truncatula seedlings under hypoxic stress. J. Exp. Bot 59: 2325 – 2335.

    21-                L Cassan, F Corbineau and A M Limami (2008) Genetic variability of nitrogen accumulation during vegetative development and remobilization during forcing process in witloof chicory tuberized root (Cichorium intybus L.). J Plant Physiol 165 (16):  1667-1677.

    22-                M-C Morère-Le Paven, F Anzala, A Recton and A M Limami (2007) Differential transcription initiation and alternative RNA splicing of Knox7 a class 2 homeobox gene. Gene 15; 401 (1-2) :71-9.

    23-                A.M. Limami, C. Ricoult, E. Planchet, E.M. González, R. Ladrera, E. Larrainzar, C.Arrese-Igor, F. Merchan, M. Crespi, F. Frugier, K. Avia, I. Lejeune-Hénaut (2007) Response of Medicago truncatula to abiotic stress. In: The Medicago truncatula handbook. Mathesius U, Journet EP, Summer LW (eds). ISBN 0-97543036169.

    24-                F Anzala, M-C Morère-Le Paven and A M Limami (2007) Activité in vivo de l’aspartate kinase. Etude par suivi isotopique (15N). L’Actualité Chimique. 305, 17-20.

    25-                F Anzala, M-C Morère-Le Paven, C Touchard, C Giauffret, and A M Limami (2006) QTL mapping and genetic analysis of inhibitory effect of Lysine on postgermination growth and seedling establishment of Maize. Acta Agro Hung 54 (3): 271 – 279.

    26-                C Ricoult, L. Orcaray, J-B Cliquet, M A Limami (2006) Characterization of alanine amino transferase (AlaAT) multigene family and hypoxic response in young seedlings of the model legume Medicago truncatula. J. Exp. Bot 57: 3079 – 3089.

    27-                F Anzala, M-C Morère-Le Paven, S Fournier, D Rondeau, and M A Limami (2006)  Physiological and molecular aspects of aspartate-derived amino acid metabolism during germination and post-germination growth in two maize genotypes differing in germination efficiency. J Exp Bot 57: 645-653

    28-                K. Gallardo, C. Lesignor, M. Darmency, J. Burstin, R. Thompson, C. Rochat, J.-P. Boutin, H. Kuester, J. Buitink, O. Leprince, A.M. Limami, M.A. Grusak (2006) Seed Biology of Medicago truncatula. In: The Medicago truncatula handbook. Mathesius U, Journet EP, Summer LW (eds). ISBN 0-97543036169.

    29-                S Bouton, L Viau, E Lelièvre, M A Limami (2005) MtPPRD1, encoding a protein with proline – rich domain, revealed by suppressive subtractive hybridization (SSH) is specifically expressed in Medicago truncatula embryo axis during germination. J Exp Bot 413 : 825 – 832.

    30-                C Ricoult, J-B Cliquet, M A Limami (2005) Stimulation of alanine amino transferase (AlaAT) gene expression and alanine accumulation in embryo axis of the model legume Medicago truncatula contribute to anoxia stress tolerance. Physiol Plant 123 : 30 - 39.

    31-                C Richard-Molard, N Brugière, M Moille, E Carrayol and A M. Limami (2004) : Molecular Characterization of a gene coding for a Vegetative Storage Protein (CiVSP) from Cichorium intybus and its Expression in the Root and Shoot in Relation to Nitrogen Status and Pathogen Resistance. Physiol Plant 121 : 568 – 577.

    32-                G Glevarec, S Bouton, E Jaspard, M-T Riou, J-B Cliquet, A Suzuki, M A. Limami (2004) : Respective roles of GS/GOGAT cycle and GDH in ammonium and amino acid metabolism during germination and post-germinative growth in the model legume  Medicago truncatula. Planta 219: 286 - 297.

    33-                J Harisson, B Hirel and M A Limami (2004) : Variation in nitrate uptake and assimilation between two ecotypes of Lotus japonicus L. and their recombinant inbred lines. Physiol Plant 120: 124 – 131.

    34-                M A Limami, C Rouillon, G Glevarec, A Gallais, B Hirel (2003) : Genetic analysis and QTL mapping for cytosolic glutamine synthetase (GS) and germination traits in maize. In : The Biology of Seeds : recent research advances. G. Nicolas, D Come and HW Pritchard (eds). CABI publishing, Wallingford, UK. Pp 421 – 432.

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