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Frederic LagarceBiopharmacie

    • Départements d'Enseignement SANTE - Dép. d'Enseignement Pharmacie SANTE
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    • 28 rue Roger Amsler - 49045 - ANGERS CEDEX 01
    • Biopharmacie

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    • Inserm U1066 Mint CNRS 6021

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    Pharmacotechnie & Biopharmacie

    Thèmes de recherche

    Frederic Lagarce received his PhD in 2004, and is Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics since 2012 in the University of Angers in France. Being also Hospital Pharmacist, his research are translational (from bench to bedside) and mainly focused on cancer therapy, especially on bioavailability enhancement by playing on the interactions between the drug products (mainly nanosystems) and the living tissues. This field involves biological barrier crossing studies but also stability assessment of the active moieties and overcoming the acquired resistances to drugs. In hospital he is in charge of the pharmaceutical technology and quality control unit. Finding new answers to medical needs using innovative drug formulations is what drives him every day to work.



    Je m'attache à développer des nouvelles formulations de médicaments issus des micro et des nanotechnologies afin de faciliter le passage des barrières biologique et le ciblage tumoral. Je travaille en particulier sur la voie orale avec une équipe de 2-4 thésards et plusieurs étudiants de 3ème cycle français et étrangers. Mes travaux sont financées par la Ligue contre le Cancer et des projets européens.



    - Pharmacist with specialization in hospital Pharmacy, University of Angers, 2000.

    - PhD in Pharmacy, with distinction, University of Angers, 2004.

    (Title : ‘Development and evaluation of a sustained release biodegradable dosage form intended for chronic therapy via the intrathecal route: Application to baclofen-loaded microspheres aimed at severe spasticity treatment' Co-ordinator: Pr JP. Benoit).

    - Accreditation to supervise research, University of  Angers, 2010.



    - Professor, Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmacy, University of Angers 2008 to present.



    -  Chief Hospital Pharmacist, University Hospital of Angers



    Evaluation with in vivo or in vitro models of the biopharmaceutical performances of micromedicine or nanomedicine. The primary field of interest are the oral route and anticancer chemotherapy with colloidal carriers. Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and toxicological studies are important side research fields. The research is currently focused on lipid nanocapsules optimization for crossing biological barriers.



    Biopharmacy, in vitro models, cell culture, Pharmacokinetics, PKPD, Nanomedicine, cancer, oral delivery, lung delivery, brain delivery


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