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Mihaela GirtanPhysique - Laboratoire Lphia

    • Faculté des sciences
    • Physique - Enseignants et Chercheurs
    • 2 bd Lavoisier - ANGERS - 49045 - Angers
    • Physique - Laboratoire Lphia

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    Thèmes de recherche

    The research interests  cover several aspects of thin films, physical and chemical deposition methods, solar cell technology and optoelectronic devices, including charge transport in oxides and conducting polymers, electrical conductivity and photoconductivity measurements, organic and hybrid solar cells, transparent conducting thin films, structural, morphological, electrical and optical properties of thin films, plasmonics, transport phenomena in low dimensional structures, heat transfer phenomena and fluid dynamics numerical simulations for industrial CVD reactors.



    Employment and professional experience

    Since 2005  - Associate Professor at Angers University,  (HDR-2009)

    Since 2006  - Head of the group “Thin films for photovoltaic applications”

    2004-2005  - Temporally Attached Professor at ENSAM Engineering School, Angers

    1995-2005  -  Assistant Professor then Lecturer at “Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi


    Publications and dissemination

    Author of more than 70 peer-reviewed publications in the materials and energy materias area since 2000 published in : Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Materials Today, Thin solid films, Applied Surface Science, Surface Coatings and Technology, Synthetic Metals etc.. (59 articles recorded in ISI Web Thomson data base) H=18, 878 citations, (among the Journals citing the author we mention: Journal of the Am. Chem. Soc., Energy and Environment Science, Chem. of Mat., Organic Electronics, Appl. Phys. Lett., Sol. Eng. & Sol. Cells etc). Individual impact factor calculated from ISI Web of Knowledge  more than 20; individual influence global factor calculated from ISI Web of Knowledge:  more than 50 (for the first 6 the most cited articles) author of two books chapter, more than 100 presentations in international conferences (14 invited).


    Invited talks  

    2015 - Invited lecture, Summer School on Materials for Energy Conversion, 6-11, July, 2015, Bucharest

    2014 - Invited seminar (5 March 2014) Physics department, University College Dublin

    2013 - Invited talk (12 July 2013) Department of Chemistry, University of Athens

    2012 - Invited lecture, Advanced Workshop on Solar Energy Conversion, 21-23 May, 2012, Bucharest

    2012 - Invited talk (29 October 2012), National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens

    2010 - Invited lecture, ISAOP 28 Sept-2Oct. 2010, Tokyo, Japan

    2010 - Invited seminar (30 July 2010) National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest

    2010 - Invited seminar (17 June 2010) XLIM, Limoges, France

    2010 - Invited seminar (24 April 2010) Institute Charles Sadron, France

    2009 - Invited lecture, ISAOP 3-4 Sept, Shanon, Ireland


    Projects & Grants

    12 project proposals as PI and 5 as co-PI since 2003, on the total of these 17, 10 were funding; between these we would like to mention: Co-PI in ANROxTiMIBPhotobat. (2007-2009); Co-PI in the European Project FP6 – ORGAPVNET (2006-2009); PERLE 1 (2006-2009), PERLE 2 (2010-2013), Co-PI in the European Project ERA-RUS-NET (2012-2013), PI of one national project and of three PHC bilateral cooperation projects: PHC Brancusi  (2015-2016), PHC Platon (2013-2014),  PHC Brancusi (2009-2010).


    Academic activities:

    Advising and co-advising of3 post-doc, 10 PhD students, 5 students in Master II and 10 students in Master I

    Member of: PhD defence commissions (5 PhD thesis),

    Member of: scientific societies (ACS, EPS and EMRS)

    Industrial Exploitation /Intellectual Property: Conception and realization of an equipment for thin films deposition by pyrosol, ENSAM, Angers (2005), commercialised by AnnealSys

    Professional activities and honours: chair of ISAOP 2010, member of comities of some scientific national and international conferences (ISAOP Angers 2007, FTM Iasi 2002, PNC Iasi 2001)

    Reviewer for scientific journals: Thin Solid Films, Materials Science and Engineering B, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Applied Surface Science, Journal of thermal Spray, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Journal of Materials Science, Applied Physics A, Materials Chemistry and Physics

    Member of: the Board of the Faculty of Science - University of Angers 

    Member of : AUF commission expertise

    Member of scientific networks: ORGAPVNET, NANORGASOL, ATLANSUN

    Head of: the Professional Training “Energy demand management and renewable energy” 

    Head of:  the Research group “Thin films for photovoltaic applications” - LPHIA, 

    Coordinator of: the ERASMUS Program FR-RO «Solar cells and plasma applications in surface science» 


    Selected papers:

    1. J. Merigeon, M. Girtan et all, Optical Materials, 48, (2015) 243 (IF* 1.99)

    2. M.Girtan, Materials Today 17, 3 (2014) 101 (IF 14.85)

    3. M.Girtan, Organic Electronics, 14 (1), (2013) 200  (IF. 4.05)

    4. M.Girtan, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 100 (2012) 153 (IF. 5.36)

    5. M.Girtan, M.Rusu, Sol. Energy Mater. & Solar Cells, 94, 3 (2010) 446 (IF. 5.36)

    6. M.Girtan et all, Thin Solid Films, 519 (2), (2010) 573 (IF 1.94)

    7. M.Girtan et all, Applied Surface Science, 254, 13 (2008) 4179 (IF 2.54)

    8. M.Girtan, Surface & Coatings Technology, 184 (2004) 219 (IF. 2.199)

    9. M.Girtan, G. Folcher, Surface & Coatings Techn., 172 (2003) 240 (IF. 2.199)


    *IF – Impact Factor from ISI Web of Knowledge

  • Courriel : mihaela.girtan @
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