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Thesis (PhD student) for the PhotoFreeze project

Organic electronics are on the rise: conjugated polymers and small molecules can be found in devices ranging from organic solar cells, organic-field effect transistors or biosensors among many others. Synthetizing size-defined and atomically precise graphene fragments to reach perfectly tuned optoelectronic properties is of high interest to discover new organic functional materials and their design rules. Expanding the diversity of structure and properties of electron-deficient organic semiconductors (n-type) is a crucial challenge in the field. PhotoFreeze will explore the use of a light-frozen dynamic covalent reaction recently discovered in our group to prepare mono- and multidimensional n-type conjugated materials for application in organic electronics.

You can download the thesis subject here

How to apply

Please send :

-A detailed CV (including the contact of 2 references you worked with)

-A cover letter

-A transcript of marks from the Master

-A proof of the obtention of the Master Degree (if already obtained)

to (antoine.goujon @  (recrutement @ « PhD Application ERC StG PhotoFreeze » as the subject

Application deadline : 13/10/2023

Your contact if needeed

Antoine GOUJON : antoine.goujon @

(jeanne.perez @