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This course will introduce the concepts of scientific writing and the procedures to publish scientific papers in international journals. PhD students will get practical advice and guidance on how to structure a research article, write it and get it published; explaining every step of the process, from choosing a suitable journal for your work, to presenting the results and citing references. We will work on your writing skills and discuss ethical issues important in scientific publishing.

Durée de la formation


Responsable de la formation

Gabriele HESS-FERNANDEZ, Science journalist, filmmaker, Science communication lecturer


Course objectives:

By the end of the course you should:

- understand successful science writing techniques

- know how to organize, outline and plan papers

- be able to construct effective sentences and paragraphs

- understand the elements of a paper and what each element should contain

- have increased your awareness of ethical issues associated with science publishing

- have an insight into what it takes to get published in top-ranked journals


- Planning your paper: Outline, Motivation, Content, Novelty and Originality

- Elements of a paper: Abstract and Title, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion

- Submission and publication: Choosing the right journal, Publishing in highimpact journals, Submitting your paper, Editorial processes, Peer Review, Getting accepted, Appeals

- Writing: Sentences, Paragraphs, Flow of text, Style of writing, Reducing wordiness

- Ethics in scientific publishing: Plagiarism and Fabrication, Authorship, References and citations

Teaching Methods:

The course is in the format of active learning, a combination of informative PowerPoint lecture followed by practical tasks. These tasks involve editing and improving each section of your paper. A script with exercises will be provided.

Cible: doctorants de première année, jusqu'à fin de thèse, native English speakers are welcome !

Important: Since this course is about writing scientific publications in English, it will be held in English.

Important Precourse tasks : Please collect three or four recent research papers in your field from the journals you usually read and want to publish in. Photocopy them and bring them along. No chapter from books, no reviewpapers please!

Your target research articles should:

- be written by a researcher/research team based at an Englishspeaking institution, ideally a native speaker of English

- be reasonably short (less than 15 A4 pages including graphs and tables)

- deal with subject matter which is as close as possible to your own topic and the kind of research you are writing up

- have clearly defined Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion/conclusion sections. These subtitles may vary in different fields and journals? for example Methodology could be called Procedure, Materials and Methods, Experimental or some other variation.

Wondering, if your English level is sufficient? If you have managed to read this far, you will be able to follow this course and get help for writing better scientific papers!