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Angers Autumn School Foraminifera and geochemistry

AAS is a research training for French and international scientists (PhD students, post-docs, academic and industrial partners) to acquire professional skills in coastal ecosystem functioning.

Angers Autumn School AAS - 2023 edition " Foraminifera and Geochemistry " will take place 13 to 17 November 2023. During this week, after theoretical conferences, practical workshops will be organized to process samples collected during the fieldwork, which will take place on November the 14th on an intertidal mudflat of the French Atlantic coast.

The participants will be supervised by 13 foraminiferists and geochemists (list of speakers on the flyer). They will offer their expertise in the field and in the laboratory, through integrated experimental approaches and lectures on innovative topics.

The program includes one and a half days of lectures, one day of fieldwork and four workshops in small groups over two days. AAS ends with a synthesis presented by the participants in the form of oral presentations.

AAS is the continuation of the "FRESCO" Summer School organized in Angers in 2017 and 2018.

Lecturers and instructors

Laboratory of Planetology and Géosciences (LPG) University of Angers


Aurélia Mouret

Édouard Metzger

Inge Van Dijk

Julia Courtial

Magali Schweizer

Maria Pia Nardelli

Maxime Daviray-Seguin


Frédérique Eynaud (Laboratory Environments and Paleoenvironments Oceanic and Continental /University of Bordeaux)

Nils Risgaard Petersen (Department Of Biology - Aquatic biology & Center for Electromicrobiology / Arrhus University)

Vincent Bouchet (Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences / University of Lille)

Vona Méléder (Laboratory Sea Molecules Health / University of Nantes)




Par University of Angers, Laboratory of Planetology and Geosciences (LPG), ANGERS, FRANCE (autumn-school-sciences @