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Bank procedures

How to proceed to open a bank account ?


Opening a bank account in France generally requires a little time and several documents. The whole procedure can take approximately 2 weeks.

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to a bank of your choice to make an appointment with a bank advisor
  • Prepare all required documents prior to your appointment:

- Passport or ID card

- Proof of accommodation:If you are staying in a hall of residence, ask the administrative office of the residence. If you are not staying in a hall of residence: ask your landlord

- Enrolment certificate (“Certificat de scolarité”). This document is generally provided to you when you enrol with your faculty/department. You can also print it from your personal account on the students’ web portal (ENT Etudiants).

Sometimes a minimum amount is required when opening your account (around €15).

You will also be given a “Relevé d’identité bancaire” or “RIB” (document showing all your bank details), which can be useful for various procedures such as renting a bike or getting a bus pass.

Once your account is open, according to the bank agency conditions, you receive a credit card within ten days

How can I close my bank account?

Many banks require an official letter (in French) specifying the closure date of your account.

Sample letter for account termination request