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Separated by coma

Medical sciences departmentCellular interactions and therapeutic applications FRS

Tomorrow’s health: from laboratory to patient and from diagnosis to therapy

This federative structure brings together 8 research units divided into 13 teams, including 9 accredited by INSERM and/or CNRS in the Angers medical sciences department.


8 research units

2 startup companies resulting from lab activities : Gliocure & Carlina

30 annual collaborations between scholars and industrialists

60 active patent families


3 areas of research

  • Oncology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
  • Mitovascular, metabolism and calcified tissues
  • Nanomedicine and biomaterials

1 associated area

Ergonomics and epidemiology in health and work

6 technological hubs

Allowing a complete and tailor-made analysis from molecule to animal,

  • Pacem: cellular and molecular analysis
  • Lentivec: production of lentiviral vectors
  • Sciam: imaging and microscopic analysis
  • Scahu: university hospital animal facility
  • Primex: radiobiology and experimental imaging
  • Prism: multimodal imaging and spectroscopy


  • Mint | Translational micro and nanomedicines | UMR S 1066 CNRS 6021
  • Mitovasc | Cardiovascular and mitochondrial pathophysiology | UMR S 1083 CNRS 6015
  • Sopam | Oxidative stress and metabolic pathologies | UMR S 1063
  • CRCINA | Centre for Research in Oncology and Immunology | UMR S 1232
    Teams : ATOMyCA, Innate immunity and immunotherapy, Senescence and escape to treatments, GLIAD «Local innovative alternatives in the medical treatment of Glioblastomas»
  • Irset-Ester | Institute of Health, Environment and Work Research | Ester Team «Epidemiology in Occupational Health and Ergonomics» | UMR S 1085
  • GEIHP | Study Group on Host-Pathogen Interactions | EA 3142
  • Gerom | Study Group on Bone and Material Remodeling | EA 4658
  • Hifih | Hemodynamics, fibrosis interaction and hepatic tumor invasiveness | EA 3859research


Management team

  • Pierre Abraham
  • Yves Delneste

In charge of valorisation and innovation

Adrien Faucon

icat @


Bâtiment PBH-IRIS
4 Rue Larrey
49933 Angers Cedex