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I went abroad!Erasmus+ staff exchange testimonial from Galway, Ireland

Welcome to our series of interviews with UA students and staff on their international adventures. Two international teaching assistants, a visiting international student and a local student who has studied abroad have already shared their experiences. This time, Lynda Lecaudey, Tenured Teacher of English at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies, shares her staff mobility story after having taken a course in mindfulness in the teaching process in Ireland.

Location and dates of your mobility

I took an Erasmus training course at the Atlantic Language School located in Galway ( Republic of Ireland) from July 10th to 14th 2022. The course was designed to raise awareness of the benefits of mindfulness in the teaching and learning process.

How did you find out about the staff mobility programmes offered at UA?

I had always thought that you had to go and teach somewhere in Europe to benefit from an Erasmus programme. I was not aware that training options were also available. I think I came to know about this through the information email that we get every year from the University International office, and also when talking to the Erasmus contact person in my faculty.

Why did you choose to go on a mission abroad? And why did you choose this destination?

Spending time abroad is always an opportunity to broaden your horizons, even for such a short time. However, I was not ready to take any course for the sake of going abroad. The concept of Mindfulness and how this can help teachers better cope with various challenges faced in the classroom was what really got me into applying for the programme.

Obviously, as a teacher of English as a foreign language, the fact that the course was taking place in Ireland was a major incentive too.

How did your mobility go?

Everything went smoothly. I guess the fact that I’m fluent in English did help, but while travelling I met another French teacher (not a teacher of English) who had basic communication skills and she did very well too. Most people are always ready to help you. And in Galway, there is a very cosmopolitan population, so people are used to foreign accents and basic communication skills.

What I really liked about the experience was meeting up with people from different European countries and getting a glimpse of their culture. That makes me want to go on an Erasmus mobility again, but this time maybe in Italy or the Czech Republic.

Did you encounter any professional or personal difficulties?

Not really. I made sure I chose to go during a period when I am not required to teach. It would have been more difficult if the dates of the course had been right in the middle of the semester. I would have had to reschedule my classes. This is the problem when you are teacher, it is always very difficult to find time for training.

Do you have any anecdotes to share?

Going to a film premiere for free during the Galway film festival; for some reason the usherette assumed I was part of the film crew, and she let me in. Of course I did not want to disappoint her...

What have you gained from this experience?

I had not been to Ireland for years and I had forgotten how much of a beautiful country it is.

The course itself opened some perspectives for the development of short activities in classroom to enhance learning, by helping students better concentrate.

In your opinion, how can your mobility benefit the University of Angers?

Mindfulness in the teaching and learning process is a concept that is not really known of or used in the French educational system. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to share the knowledge I acquired during the course to other UA staff.

What advice would you give to colleagues wishing to do an Erasmus+ STA/STT mobility?

Just go for it! You’ll love it. And don’t let the fact that you may think you will not be able to communicate stop you, because you will!


If you still hesitate after this testimonial, it might help to know that the hardest thing is not to leave, but to come back…

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Did you know...

... that Ireland is called the Emerald Isle and is famous for the lush greenness of its landscape - whether viewed from outer space or the kitchen window of an Irish country cottage.

Fun fact: in Galway, it rains 232 days of the year !

picture of Lynda in the rainy streets of Galway
Lynda enjoying typical Irish weather in Galway