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UA receives foreign delegations

Throughout this second semester of the 2022-23 academic year, UA has received several delegations from various foreign universities. Some visits to our university were by EU GREEN Alliance partner universities to work on how to create common goals and tangible projects within the Alliance. Other visits were by foreign universities who have or wish to establish cooperation agreements with UA to enhance student mobility.


University of Magdeburg, Germany

From April 13 to 15, 2023

The University of Magdeburg is part of the EU GREEN Alliance (a European consortium of universities in which UA is also a partner). The EU GREEN Alliance is working towards close cooperation between 9 European universities in the fields of research, student and staff mobility, common degree courses and much more.

The aim of this meeting was to create cooperation between the two universities, compare approaches and discuss common challenges, such as sustainability through the Digital Collage workshop. 
It was also an opportunity for the German delegation to discover our University and its environment, with a tour of our campuses and the city centre (guided by a local German-speaking student), a boat trip on the Maine river and a wine tasting session. . During the three days, some local and Erasmus students were called in to facilitate communication between Germans and French.
It was a fruitful and inspiring exchange that promises a great partnership between the universities of Angers and Magdeburg.


University of San Pedro, Ivory Coast

May 10, 2023

Representatives from the San Pedro University, a young university on the Ivory Coast (founded in 2021) received a grant from the French Embassy to travel to France on a special tour of universities.

They visited a number of French establishments with the aim of exchanging best practices and considering a potential framework for collaboration on various projects. UA was one of the universities they had selected for this trip and more specifically, they were interested in learning about the two schools ESTHUA and Polytech, which were invited to a working session and identified some interesting avenues for cooperation. 


Changwon National University, South Korea

May 24, 2023

On Wednesday 24 May, Christian Roblédo, President of the University of Angers, welcomed his counterpart from Changwon National University, located 300 km south of Seoul, to sign a renewal of the partnership agreement between the two institutions.

Franco-Korean exchanges are dynamic; France is the leading European host country for Korean students and French students represent the largest foreign student community in South Korea. UA is no exception to the rule, and student requests for mobility to this country are growing.

As a result, Changwon National University and UA signed a renewal of an existing agreement dating back to 2016, extending it to several subject areas and thus increasing the number of seats available for students.

University president Young Ho Lee, accompanied by Andrew Stanley Millard, Dean of International Affairs, and Haeun Park, Mobility Coordinator, then met with international representatives from various UA departments. During their visit to our campuses, they were able to spend some much-appreciated time talking to LARIS research laboratory students and teachers.  

"We were delighted to welcome our Korean colleagues," says Adeline Chailleux, head of international cooperation at the International Office. "The aim of this meeting was to consolidate our partnership and consider future collaborative projects in education and research. We are certain that this visit will have a positive impact on our exchanges with this institution and will benefit our entire community."


Wroclaw University, Poland

From May 31 to June 1, 2023

A delegation from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences visited UA from May 31 to June 1. Wroclaw University is another partner of the newly established EU GREEN Alliance in which UA is also a partner.

Katarzyna Krauzy-Dziedzic, Head of the Science Department at Wroclaw University visited UA with two other colleagues to discuss collaboration in research between the 9 partner universities. Katarzyna is also a member of the Joint Research Commission, which is the decision-making body of EU GREEN's Work Package on Research (WP3).  The Science Administration Department of Wroclaw University supports researchers at every stage of their research career in getting degrees and in applying for national projects, fellowships, scholarships and awards, and coordinates activities of the Leading Research Groups through the implementation of the University's research strategy.

The Polish delegation met with the DRIED (UA's research administration department) and several research laboratories, learned about the label DD&RS (sustainable development and social responsibility), and attended a cross-presentation of UA's Cap Europe Service and their research support offices. They discussed Open Science, internal calls, and post-award research support with the aim to enhance collaboration between the partners of the EU GREEN alliance.

Feedback from Magdeburg (Germany)EU-Green Alliance

Jörg Wadzack:
"I was happy to see that we struggle with the same challenges in all of Europe, and that we are not alone. We got a lot of inspiration from your university and there are things that we can implement to improve our university. And that is the whole idea behind this partnership."

Jan Wilhelm:
"It was helpful to understand what EU GREEN is, to bring us motivation and ideas to contribute ourselves to the project."

Uwe Genetzke
"For me, it’s the meaning of EU GREEN, to find partners to solve problems together, because these problems are overwhelming when we have to face them on our own."