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Separated by coma

UA celebrates its 50th anniversary with its partners and alumni

On Thursday 23 November, the University of Angers welcomed its institutional, academic and research partners as well as its alumni at the Angers Convention Centre to celebrate its 50th anniversary and to illustrate the progress made. 750 people attended the event.

Hosted by Bruno Parisse, a former UA graduate and president of Austin Créative Angers, the evening took place in the auditorium, with an opening ceremony divided into five sequences, each referring to one of the five senses.

Guests could thus attend a fashion show of designs by students from the Cholet fashion campus, listen to the testimony of Jean-Claude Rémy, former president of UA and that of Geneviève Rivoire, the first and only female president of UA, and (re)discover the solidary adventure led by UA in connection with the production of hydroalcoholic gel at the beginning of the health crisis

Following the senses of Sight, Hearing and Touch, it was the sense of smell and the work of the researchers on the rose that was honoured, followed by Taste with the presentation of the special 50th-anniversary wine, from grapes harvested by students and staff.  This was also the opportunity for Pascaline Lepeltier, Esthua graduate and elected best sommelier in France in 2018, to speak from her restaurant in New York about the training she received at UA.

A strong message from Denis Mukwege

Denis Mukwege, a gynaecologist trained at UA and the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2018, was unable to attend but was keen to deliver a message: "Angers is certainly a small town but a very welcoming town. It is a town where I have met people who have shaped me by their sense of solidarity and their humanism. Much of my work, everything I do today, has its roots in Angers. When I left Angers, I did not cut ties, I kept very good relations with my many friends from Angers."

These moments of exchange were also accompanied by cultural interludes with a performance by Oscar Mouchet, a student in the Master's programme Cultural Project Management at Esthua, and a choreography with six K-Pop dancers trained at the Suaps. 50 international students also took to the stage and two of them read a text by Edgar Morin, a French sociologist and philosopher resolutely turned towards the future. For this was the message of President Christian Roblédo when he concluded the ceremony on stage with the students and the 5 former presidents who preceded him: "Together, let us invent and build the world of tomorrow!"

After the ceremony, guests were invited to the "showroom" area, for a cocktail reception prepared by Esthua students on Food and Wine pairings. Here, guests could also discover the various UA stalls: schools and faculties, university services (health, sport, libraries), doctoral schools and the research department.

A look back at the 50th anniversary party

They took the stage...

Arthur Piraux, pharmacist graduated from the Faculty of Health and Pierre Jouanneau-Giffard, from the company Giffard // Amandine Brossier, athlete, graduate of a master in psychology and Alexandre Piétrini director of the Suaps; 

Cristiana Oghiva-Pavie and Jérémy Clotault, researcher at UA, respectively historian and geneticist; 

Geneviève Rivoire, former president of UA from 1982 to 1987; 

Philippe Descamps, gynaecologist-obstetrician at the CHU of Angers and Françoise Grolleau, vice-president of international affairs at UA;

Fabrice Redois, Sandrine Travier, teachers at the Faculty of Science and Jean-Michel Monnier, œnologist and teacher at Esthua // Pascaline Lepeltier, Esthua graduate and best sommelier in France in 2018. 

He said...

The local authorities have long supported UA and were partners of this event. Christophe Béchu, Mayor of Angers and President of Angers Loire Métropole (ALM), said: "The local authorities support the University because they have long understood that higher education and research establishments, their employees and their students are an asset and a strength for the region. Of course, the first asset is the training offer, the capacity to raise the level of education of an entire territory. But we must also talk about the positive economic impact of all these institutions."

And he outlined some key figures from a recent study. Higher education and research establishments represent :

- 550M€ of annual economic spin-offs generated on the ALM territory alone.

- 10,000 jobs created on the territory (1 direct job in higher education indirectly creates 2 others).