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Separated by coma

Solidarity for Ukraine

To help international students and researchers affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine, solidary actions are being organised at UA, on a regional level and on a national level.

UA currently has 11 Ukrainian students in various departments, including 5 in the Moltech research laboratory. 

All of them have met with the university's president, Christian Roblédo, and the International Office is regularly in contact with them in order to offer them psychological, material or social support if necessary.

Assistance for Ukranian refugees

Ukrainian nationals wishing to travel to France and holding a biometric passport do not need a visa to travel to the Schengen area and therefore to France.

Ukrainian nationals who do not have a digital passport must go to one of the border posts of the bordering countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Romania) to have their situation checked. They can then stay in France for a period of 90 days.

During this period, they can apply for temporary protection at the prefecture of their place of residence, which allows them to stay in France for 6 months and apply for a temporary residence permit.

  • Apply for temporary protection

    The temporary protection is an immediate international protection, which applies to any person, and therefore to students in the following situations:

    • Ukrainian students who were residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022
    • Non-Ukrainian refugee students who were resident in Ukraine before 24 February 2022
    • Non-Ukrainian students who were resident in Ukraine and are unable to return to their country of origin in a safe and sustainable manner
    • The family members of persons falling under the above cases


    The temporary protection status is granted by the prefectures and allows the issuance of a temporary residence permit for 6 months.

    Find all the information about the temporary protection on the Ministry of the Interior’s s website 

    Register with the prefecture

    Go to the prefecture of the department where you are staying:

    • with the documents in your possession justifying your situation;
    • accompanied by your family members (spouse and children).

    Contact the Maine et Loire Préfecture
    Préfecture de Maine et Loire
    Place Michel Debré
    49934 Angers cedex 9

  • Study in France

    Students eligible for temporary protection who wish to join a French higher education institution can write to Campus France at ukraine @, stating their name, first name, nationality and describing their situation. Campus France will help them resume their studies in France. 

    Students from Ukraine who wish to study at the University of Angers, can contact the International Office at ua.solidarity @

  • Universal Health Protection

    Students benefiting from temporary protection have immediate access to full social protection: universal health protection and complementary health insurance, including Covid vaccination. This means, among other things, that you do not have to pay in advance for your care: you  will be covered for a period of 12 months

    You are a Ukranian national

    To benefit from this, you must present the temporary residence permit issued by the prefecture to the primary health insurance fund (called CPAM) where you live. If the address stated on the temporary residence permit no longer matches your current address, you must also enclose a copy of proof of address.

    You are a Ukrainian national already residing in France and your residence permit has expired or will expire soon

    Your right to universal health protection will automatically be extended from the day following the expiration date of your residence permit. In this case, you should contact the primary health insurance fund (CPAM) of your place of residence in France.

  • Financial aid

    Open a bank account

    With a temporary residence permit in hand, it is important  to open a French bank account to benefit from the different financial aid schemes listed below.

    The bank will issue a “Relevé d’identité bancaire” or “RIB” (document showing all your bank details), which is useful for various formalities in French administration.

    Official financial aid

    All refugees benefiting from temporary protection are entitled to a monthly asylum seeker's allowance (486 euros for a single person) to be applied for at OFII, the French Office for Immigration and Integration. They are also authorised to engage in employed or self-employed activities.

    Students protected by this status can also access the folloswing financial aids
    • Emergency assistance from the CROUS of their host institution
    • Crous Grants (based on social criteria)
    • 1 € meals at the university dining halls

    To benefit from these Crous aids, students must first make an appointment with the University Social Service by calling 02 41 22 69 10 or by emailing secretariat.ssu @


    Students can apply to benefit from a solidary grocery store called Agoraé, launched by the student organisation Fé2A. They offer a variety of basic, quality products (including non-perishable food products, fresh produce, cleaning products, hygiene products, etc.) at a price, which is between 10% and 20% below the usual price.

    To apply, students must fill in the application form and send it to the address below or deposit it in person at the AGOAé office.

    Application form in English

    Application form in French

    For more information, contact
    1 rue Pierre Gaubert
    49000 ANGERS
    E-mail agorae @

  • Accommodation

    Temporary protection entitles students to financial aid for housing expenses, the Custom Housing Assistance (APL).
    The students concerned can be housed in CROUS student halls of residence until the start of the next academic year (within the limits of existing accommodation capacity).

    They can also use the platform, which lists offers from private individuals.

    For more information, please contact the International Office at the University of Angers at @

  • Transportation

    Angers public transportation card

    Temporary protection entitles students to apply for a free public transportation card (Irigo) directly at the Irigo office at Place de Lorraine in Angers.
    The card is valid for one year for an unlimited number of journeys on the Angers IRIGO network.

    Pays de la Loire Region and the SNCF Group

    The Pays de la Loire Region and the national railway company SNCF are setting up public transport solutions to help Ukrainian refugees move around the region. As a result, persons concerned who meet the required conditions can travel onboard a train or an Aléop bus free of charge.

    In order to benefit from this service, travellers must present one of the following documents:

    • A Ukrainian identity card, or
    • A Ukrainian passport, or
    • A Ukrainian resident's card.

    more information

  • Psychological support

    The University Health Service (SSU)

    The SSU is a free and confidential medical service for UA students.
    Students who feel the need to talk to a psychologist can make an appointment by calling 02 41 22 69 10 or by e-mail (secretariat.ssu @
    Opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 8.45am to 5.45pm.


    Nightline is a free, anonymous helpline. Students can call the hotline 7 days a week, at night between 9.30 pm. and 2.30 am. on 02 52 60 11 12 or chat online with student volunteers at

  • Researchers: Join UA through the PAUSE programme

    Researchers may be welcomed through the PAUSE Programme (Programme d'Aide à l'Accueil des Scientifiques en Exil) a national emergency fund granted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

    The aim of the PAUSE programme is to welcome and protect researchers from countries where the political situation puts their work and their families at risk. 

    To learn more about the PAUSE programme and how to apply, please contact the Dried (Research, Innovation and Doctoral Training service at UA): christelle.traon @

Contact us

Students from Ukraine who wish to study at the University of Angers, can contact the International Office (ua.solidarity @

UA welcomes 3 Ukrainian researchers

UA has partnerships with three Ukrainian universities. Consequently, three researchers will soon be arriving at the research laboratories of the University of Angers as part of the PAUSE programme.