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Success for Bachelor's degree: the UA still leading as No. 1

Years follow one another and look alike: the University of Angers is the French university where students are most likely to obtain their Bachelor's degree in 3 years. This is what official data, yet again show.

Alongside a memorandum dated 28 October 2020, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has unveiled the indicators for the 2019 session on the progress and success of students in 72 French institutions. In confirmation of previous surveys, the University of Angers holds the leading positions.

The University of Angers is at the top of the ranking for the 3-year Bachelor's degree: all disciplines taken together, 49.6% of the 2016 baccalaureate holders have graduated within the 3 years planned, compared with 31.4% nationally.

The UA sees its rate increase by 0.8 points in one single year. On the podium, it is just ahead of the University of Corsica (41.4%) and the University of Poitiers (41.3%).

Note: the success rate in 3 years reaches 54.9% for the subjects in the Faculty of Arts, Languages and Humanities.

The institution is still the leader if one includes those who graduated in 2019 after repeating a year and thus 4 years of study: the success rate for the bachelor's degree then rises to 59.2% at the UA, compared with 42.7% for France as a whole.

DUTs too

Short training courses offered by Angers-Cholet IUT also stand out. They are back in first place nationally for new baccalaureate holders arriving in 2016: 84% of these students obtained their DUT in 2 years (compared to 68.4% on average).

This figure rises to 89.1% if one includes those who have completed their course in 3 years.