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15 days to raise awareness about disability issuesQuinzaine du handicap

For the second year in a row, the University of Angers is raising awareness about disabilities. 

Many of the University's services (disability support service, disability liaison, the University Sports Centre, the Careers Service, and the University Medicine student association), with the support of external partners, are preparing a comprehensive programme of events in 2022, designed to encourage the university community to discuss, learn about and reflect on the issue of disability in their daily lives.

During this two-week period, students and staff can experience disability sports, attend film screenings, debates, conferences and testimonies on several themes related to disability: mental disability, discrimination, announcing a disability, etc.
UA's Careers Service will showcase products or services offered by entrepreneurs for people with special needs.

For the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, UA will once again join the Duo Day initiative and offer people with disabilities the opportunity to pair up with UA staff members to discover his or her activity and experience his or her daily life.

To access the full programme (in French only) click here.

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To know more about disability support and student learning and disability support please check "Welcome to UA"