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International Dinnerorganised by AEGEE

Taste the world!

Fajitas, Sushi, Tortilla, Pizza, Curry, Houmous...
Travel around the world in one meal and sink your teeth into delicious local specialities from all over the globe. This international Dinner is organised for students at UA by the international student association AEGEE Angers.

Friday, October 15, 2021
at 7pm
In a top-secret location in Angers...
Registration required!

The idea is simple: everyone brings a speciality from their country (or a country they have a link to) to make up a big international buffet. Fajitas, Sushi, Tortilla, Pizza, Curry, Houmous... Discover the local specialities of various countries and share your own!

Bring your Buddies, meet new people, speak foreign languages, chat and have fun...

Passe Sanitaire obligatoire

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