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Printemps des Francophonies

Teachers and teacher-researchers from the Faculty of Literature, Languages and Humanities (LLSH), Cirpall and the French Language Centre for Foreigners (Celfe) will host UA's first edition of Printemps des Francophonies from 20 March to 14 April. This is an opportunity to reflect on the very principle of Francophonie through workshops, conferences and exhibitions. A selection of French-language books will also be on display at the University library of Belle-Beille.





Opening of the Printemps des Francophonies by Valentin Feussi, professor at the University of Angers, with a speech: "Francophonie: one word - several stories", followed by the workshop " Discussion and games centred around Francophonies".

Monday March 20 from 5.30 pm. to 7.30 pm.

 Amphi D LLSH

Lecture by Shumona Sihna, Franco-Indian novelist.

  • Meet the foreign students of the Alliance française de Paris and Celfe.
  • Meet the students of the Didactics of Languages Master's programme.

Wednesday, April 5, from 2 pm. to 3 pm. and from 3.30 pm. to 4.30 pm.

Maison de la recherche Germaine-Tillion

Writing workshop "Un mot, et moi... Un mot, émois !" With students from the Celfe and 3rd year Bachelor's degree students.

March 22 and 29


Lecture by Mastoura Azimi, head of the French department at Kabul University. She will give a portrait of FLE (French as a foreign language) in Afghanistan and will complete her presentation with a testimony of her condition as a woman in this country.

April 6, from 2.30 pm. to 4.30 pm.


International dinner Students and staff on campus are invited to bring a culinary speciality from their home country or region for a great buffet. Each dish will be labelled with its name and origin. A reading of Le Petit Prince in several languages will follow this meal. 

Pitcholine concert

April 6, from 5 pm. to 9 pm.


International days at the faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences (LLSH)

Workshop "Once upon a time... the multilingual rewriting of a Grimm Brothers' tale

Discover the works produced during the multilingual writing challenge Créathon that took place in November 2022 at UA.

Workshop "Draw me your languages and I will tell you who you are"

Workshop "French language in the world".

Discover the languages of the Francophonie through games and challenges around the themes of "dis-moi dix mots". Co-animated by the students of the FLE course. Join us to discover a new world. 

Photography workshop "Languages at the university".

To participate, students are invited to explore and photograph everything that shows the presence of diversity and plurality of languages within the LLSH faculty.

April 13 and 14



"Un mot, et moi... Un mot, émois !" With students from the Celfe and 3rd year Bachelor's degree students.

"Once upon a time... the multilingual rewriting of a Grimm Brothers' tale

From April 10 to 14


L'info en plus

"The Faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences (LLSH) and the Celfe have organised activities related to the Francophonie for several years. This year, the Printemps des francophonies will involve students from the Didactics of Languages Master's programme, the Celfe, and the Alliance française de Paris, and will make them reflect on the very concept of the Francophonie. This event is open to everyone," explains Emmanuelle Rousseau Gadet, a teacher in didactics of French as a foreign language (FLE) at the University of Angers.

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