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The UA moves into the Shanghai’s ranking

For the second year in a row, the University of Angers appears in the prestigious ranking of the best universities in the world. Like the previous awards, this confirms the international visibility of research in Angers.

Each summer, the Academic ranking of world universities (ARWU), is published by Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. Based on the work of an independent firm, it takes into account six evaluation criteria: the number of Nobel prizes and Fields medals among alumni and teachers, the number of most cited researchers in their discipline, the number of publications in the scientific magazines Nature and Science, the number of researchers listed in the Science citation index-expended (SCIE) and the Social science citation index (SSCI) and the average performance of teachers.

Since its establishment in 2003, American Harvard University has always been at the top of the ranking list. Year 2020 is no exception. Stanford University (USA) and Cambridge University (UK) complete the podium. The leading French university, Paris Saclay University, is ranked 15th.

30 French institutions

Since 2017, the ranking list has been expanded beyond the top 500 universities, and now shows which institutions may one day qualify for inclusion in the world's "Top 500". It is in this complementary list that the University of Angers appeared for the first between the 901st and the1000th position. It remains in this position in the 2020 version of the ranking. Only 30 French universities and schools appear in the "Top 1000".

The Shanghai index is in line with the UA's good results in the recent CWUR ratings and Shanghai's GRAS thematic ranking.

"One can only be satisfied with this improvement," says Philippe Simoneau, who is the vice-president of research at the University of Angers, "because if the UA is renowned and often mentioned for the quality of its training and its capacity to make its students succeed, one can see through these international rankings that we are just as successful in research, especially at the national level, given our size. I would like people to be aware of this: the UA is also about quality research".