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Contact and travel measures

Updated on May 11th 10:30 a.m

May 11 marks the beginning of a gradual end-of-lockdown in France. This phase will last until 2 June.From May 11:

  • Public transport will gradually pick up, though services will still be reduced. Masks will be mandatory on public transport and in taxis


  • Easing Of Stay-At-Home Order People will now be able to travel up to 100 km from their residence. Derogatory travel certificate is required for trips longer than 100 km to prove essential travels within France or overseas, for work, family or health reasons.

Any violation of these rules will be penalised with a fine.

If you do not have this document on you in case of control by the police or military authorities, you will receive a fine (from €38 to €135).

  • Shops and businesses : All stores, large and small, can reopen, along with markets, libraries, smaller museums and cultural centres. Cafes, bars and restaurants remain closed until June.

Derogatory travel certificate up to 100 km

The certificate is available on the French government  website:

The certificate is not necessary:
- for trips of more than 100 km within the department of residence.
- for trip outside the department of residence, within the limit of 100 km.