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How to access Health studies?

To access Health Studies (Medicine, Midwifery, Odontology, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy), students follow a common pathway: UA-PASS.

After UA-PASS, students can attend at the University of Angers:

  • Medicine (2nd to 6th year)
  • Midwifery (2nd to 5th year)
  • Pharmacy (2nd to 6th year)

Students are offered two chances to access Health Studies.

1st chance

Either via PluriPASS: a multidisciplinary training programme

PluriPASS is a 1-year training programme that offers a progressive specialisation from a multidisciplinary core. The programme contains: Life Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Human and Social Sciences.

PluriPASS allows students who would not manage to access 2nd year Health Studies to transfer to a 2nd year Bachelor’s degree in another field at the University of Angers or Le Mans University.

Or via L.AS: a diversified training programme with an “Accès Santé” option

Students enrol in a bachelor’s degree at the University of Angers or Le Mans University that offers an “Accès Santé” option.
The “Accès Santé” option is an online course of 10 teaching units.

To be able to access Health Studies as a first chance, students must validate 5 units, and validate their year in their bachelor’s degree. The unit “Projet Santé” is a mandatory (16h online unit) teaching unit where students learn how to edit a CV, a cover letter and a “fiche métier” (Job description document).

Students can validate L.AS during the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of their bachelor’s degree, or during their Intensive Foundation Degree (CPGE in French).

2nd chance

The 2nd chance to access Health Studies is via L.AS. Students must validate their year in their bachelor’s degree and validate 7 units.

Students need a B2 level in French to apply for PluriPASS or L.AS.
More information about PluriPASS and L.AS on our French website.


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