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International Student Testimonials


JIANG, Jiaying, University of Ningbo, China

"Hello, I am Jiang Jiaying, an exchange student from China, Ningbo University, attending the exchange project. In the beginning of 2020, I arrived at Angers with the warm welcome from the French teacher who picked me up from train station to where I would live and helped me finish all kinds of accommodation which was pretty good because of its perfect equipments and the kind landlord. Everyone I met were friendly willing to help me solve any problems I encountered during our daily life. Also I spent a very special spring festival in Angers with my French classmates by gathering together to eat hotpot. During the first small vocation, my classmates brought me around the city center to visit some famous sights and local and unique coffee shop. The way of teaching courses there is much different from what I experience in Ningbo University, students in Angers are much more likely to be divided into small groups to study, discuss and deliver the presentation. Because I cannot speak French, so every teacher would pay more attention to me about whether I could understand what they have said. Therefore, it is definitely a good choice to be here to learn some French, make friends and study. Because Angers is a great city for me to slow down my pace and enjoy my life."


XU, Ning, University of Ningbo, China

"The past few months in Angers have been an unforgettable experience for me. Since my companion did not get a visa, I went to France alone first. After more than ten hours of flight and three or four hours of train, I finally met Ms Karima at the railway station (…). All this moved me a lot as a newcomer. Later, I met Coco and Estelle and gave me a lot of help in study and life. Of course, I also had many kind and enthusiastic classmates and teachers. (…) The humorous negotiation teacher made the negotiation class my favourite. The lovely teachers in the marketing class also brought me many different experiences and happiness. Miss Pascale has given us a lot of help in our study and life. She has to communicate with us every week to make a schedule for us. I hope she misses my Chinese cooking. Maele and Elisa also took us on a tour of the castle. We also went to an exhibition and had afternoon tea in a cafe. And Lucas, he's an extremely gentle and sweet friend. Our group work is often completed smoothly under the tolerance and friendly consultation of our classmates. In my spare time, my friends and I walk in the streets of the small city. The slow pace of life makes me relaxed. In last New Year, we also got together with our classmates to try Chinese hot pot. That was a great party.
Unforgettable memories are really a lot, kind and friendly friends  and teachers…
It is a pity that we had to return home early due to the epidemic. On the day of leaving, I went to see so many friends that I was really reluctant to say Goodbye. During the three months in Angers, I experienced different life and human interaction. I will always remember this wonderful memory, and the memory of the precious friendship and kind friends.I wish you all the best in France."

Promenade du bout du Monde with ours classmates

At the entrance of Château d'Angers

We had some funny time


CALLARI Andrea, University of Palermo, Italy

"I would like to speak about my Erasmus experience in Angers. Even if it was short, it was very rich in emotions and in friendship. Angers is a very beautiful town, with a lot of characteristic places such as its castle and Saint Maurice’s Cathedral. I knew a lot of people from all over the world who enriched my knowledge in foreign cultures. As for my educational experience, I met excellent teachers who were always willing, helpful and ready to solve any doubts I could have. I thank them very much for their help, for their patience : with a different method of teaching, I learnt a lot of specific information. I had also a very positive experience concerning my accomodation whose staff satisfied all that I needed and was always ready to help me. I suggest everybody to live a similar experience !"



"Studying at the University of Angers has been one of the best experiences of my life.

You find companions from all over the world. When I arrived the French language was very difficult, but the opportunity to meet many people who want to make friends in English and Spanish made everything easier for me. At the end of the semester we made a group of friends so happy that we looked like Family.

There are many free options for students. Playing sports, French classes, welcome parties, etc. They are all opportunities to meet more people and more culture.

The staff always offers you the necessary help. Upon arrival I was somewhat afraid of being in a different country than mine. But with everyone's help you forget that you are far from home and you feel part of a great school.

The French are good companions. Always kind and attentive. I have had a very pleasant time thanks to their good vibes.

I hope that more people come each year, so they can take advantage of this great experience."

Agrifood Forum, Orléans city

My friends