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Incoming mobility

Every year, international students study at the Institute of Technology
of the University of Angers either as part of exchange programs run by
the university of Angers or as part of the other programs run by the
Assembly of Directors of the Institutes of Technology in France.
Students can also apply through Campus France.
The international relations office of the university of Angers and the
international relations assistant of the IUT of Angers (Pascale INGLES) provide the
necessary guidance for exchange students to help them find an

Each department of the institute of Technology has an international
relations coordinator who helps international students with regards to
their academic questions.

Other than the study programs, international students can also do an
internship at the Institute of technology of Angers. The electrical
engineering and computer science department and the applied biology
department can help international students find an internship in one of
the research labs of the university of Angers.

Welcome guide for international students