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Do you need support or assistance? Get the support of a fellow student.

Updated on January 26, 2021

Since the beginning of this unprecedented crisis, the University of Angers has deployed numerous measures, particularly to support the most vulnerable and fight against insecurity (food, digital, social). At the beginning of this year, the University is continuing to mobilise to support students to try to rebuild ties despite the distance.

Many students are becoming increasingly worried and tired. "We are all tired of being locked up in our rooms in front of video classes. We often don't see anyone all day except through a screen," explains Camille Blin, student vice-president. "After several months, some people find it difficult to find the motivation to get up in the morning to attend classes or study," says Florence Hartheiser, a doctor at Sumpps: "They call on us because they are stressed or they need someone to listen to them. They fear failure and tell us that they have no prospects for their future and their integration". It's not easy to be optimistic at the beginning of this year...

Get support from a student tutor

After the return of sports at the beginning of the year, the creation of relaxation sessions through Discord and the reopening of the work rooms for small groups at the university libraries, UA now recruited student tutors for peer-to-peer support.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, isolated, lack organisation or motivation, you can sign up for a student tutor who can help in these three areas:

  • Methodology (support in organising work),
  • Academic discipline (academic support in association with the teachers),
  • Social ties (maintain regular contact - have someone to talk with)


This programme is being rolled out in Angers, Cholet and Saumur. It is primarily intended to help 1st and 2nd year students.

It is also worth noting that since January 4th, two new psychologists have joined the Sumpps, which will shorten the queue for an appointment.

Other support measures

Food distribution

The Secours Populaire together with the association Fé2a have started a food distribution programme to help the most vulnerable students.

 You can contact the Secours populaire to learn more about this programme at 02 41 25 11 75 (34 rue des Noyers, call in advance).

Digital help

If you need a computer or financial aid to get internet connection, see the Precanum measures at your disposal.

Get more information (in French) here