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Social support

On this page, UA will inform you of the social initiaves in place to help international students remotely (receive academic help, help with language issues or simply have someone to talk with and who can answer your questions).

Buddy System

During this difficult time, we of course think of all of our students, both local or international, who might feel isolated: social isolation, language barriers, academic difficulties or even digital difficulties.

The Buddy System will allow international students to be in remote contact with local students during the lockdown (receive academic help, help with language issues or simply have someone to talk with and who can answer your questions).

All communication will of course be with the use of technologies (Email, text messaging, Facebook, Skype, etc.).

I you wish to receive remote help from a local student (or simply have someone to talk to), here's how to proceed:

I am already a Buddy

  • Contact your Buddy Mentor to see if he/she is available to accompany you.
  • If your Buddy Mentor is not available or if you cannot reach him/her, please update your profile on with faculty and field of study (filière) - and inform us by email as quickly as possible at buddysystem @ - we will find you a new Buddy Mentor.

A am not yet a Buddy

If you NO LONGER wish to have a  Mentor, please déactivate your profile HERE or inform us quickly by email, so that we may assign your Mentor to another student in need.


UA is here to help you during this difficult time!

Contact the Incoming Student's Office for questions relating to your mobility, your stay in France, the lockdown, or your departure at @

Contact the Buddy Coordinator for all questions relating to the Buddy System or other social initiatives at buddysystem @

Support at your faculty

If you are encountering difficulties (connexion, lack of material), the staff at your faculty is also ready to help you. This is the list of the support contacts at each faculty:

  • Languages, Literature & Social Sciences: Alexandre Laurent, alexandre.laurent @ (alexandre.laurent @
  • IAE: François Pantin, francois.pantin @ (francois.pantin @
  • Polytech Angers: Anne Huchet, anne.huchet @ (anne.huchet @
  • Science: Cécile Carcenac, celine.carcenac @ (celine.carcenac @
  • Law, economy & Business Studies: Christophe Daniel, christophe.daniel @ (christophe.daniel @
  • Esthua: Anne Rey, anne.rey @ (anne.rey @
  • IUT: Pascale Ingles, pascale.ingles @ (pascale.ingles @
  • CeLFE: Charlotte Breton, celfe @
  • Cholet: Eric Pierre, eric.pierre @ (eric.pierre @